Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mercury is Direct!

Yes, Mercury is Direct and I'm back.

Hopefully you enjoyed a time-out too during this past three week period, when Mercury spun backwards, so if you're wondering why the call never came in, the trafic or travel plan was delayed, the decision was reversed, or you're still in the dark about something, it's all because the flow of celestial traffic is getting untangled and we can decide if we REALLY want something, by being littered with false promises, lame starts, loose ends and a whole host of 'are you sure?' signposts.

The Full Moon we are now wel into was in Capricorn and relates to Career so you're no doubt noticing s shift in this direction - quitting a job, getting a raise or promotion, deciding to 'up' your determination and climb higher, and so forth. It' a great time to sniff around for something new, something better, something that asks more of you. in short - it's time to Master Yourself and choose at least one direction where you'll give it your all.

Ambition is high now - and we're just about at the New Moon (new start) this Saturday in Cancer so I'll be back with more on this soon.

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