Sunday, July 15, 2007

No place like Home? New Moon in Cancer!

We're currently in a new Lunar Cycle with the New Moon in Cancer yesterday that lasts for the next 30 days.

New Moons = New Beginnings.

This one asks you, 'Are you at home?'. What is home - a room with 4 walls, a castle, a fence to keep people out, an invitation to let people in, a garden, a library, a party? Is it a feeling you take with you anywhere, is it your aura space, your "bubble"? Is it your family, your country, even your body?

It's all of these.

But what particular brand of 'home' is right for you now, in this cycle?

Emotions play a major role now - and depending on your sign and chart you'll be facing different kinds - intense ones you'll need to clear out (if the Moon falls in your 8th House this month), practical ones to help you secure your life (if it falls in the 2nd House) and so forth.

Whatever the case, you have a chance to find a new place of comfort and security, a new "womb" to see you through the next leg of your life's journey.

Family matters pop up now - and your childhood 'roots' and conditioning are back in your life, so we get to see if they are useful patterns or we're merely 'reacting' to triggers of old energies.

Is it time to move?

I mean move on - from an old location, a job, a person, a situation, a habit?

Surely it is. We can't stay forever even in our childhood home. It changes. We change. Those around us change. There really IS no comfort zone, only repetition and habit. The New Moon enables us now (with the aid of a great aspect from Uranus the Awakener) to shake us out of our old habits and patterns and try new things.


Whatever it is, it's time to bail, jump ship, fly the nest - in search of a new place to call home.

Or its time to renovate and clean up where we currently are and make it more comfy too.

Our body is our ultimate home on Planet Earth, our "spacesuit" in 3-D. being "at home" with oneself is the greatest comfort one can possibly attain this side of the veil, and its a worthy cause. With unshakable self support, care and love, we can handle anything.

See this month as strengthening the bars on your car as you travel through life's safari. You don't want to get walled up inside forever, but you do want to keep yourself safe inside so you can enjoy the right. Right?

So this New Moon month:

Stay home - make it cushy and comfy

Move home - find a place better suited to your needs

Seek emotional guidance - ask your intuition

Find your Family - blood relatives or your chosen kin. Reconnect bonds

Be sensitive - open your heart and soothe troubled waters with a smile or sympathetic ear

Look at Mother issues - release your own, relish your own or become your own

Nurture - feed yourself and others, be gentle

Make yourself at Home no matter where you find yourself

Create a sacred space and respect the bubble of others

Why Mom? Cancer relates to the sign of our Mother, so you'll find she may pop up again or some issue relating to her. Are you being your own best Mom? Because that's really the point. If you're not happy, quit complaining. Change it yourself. Look after your own ass. Be good to you. Get it? Happiness is a choice, remember.

And the past...Cancer is Memory Lane of course. Is it time to create some new ones and let go of all thats happened to us so far?

Yes. Celebrate the season of your soul, the past success and failure. And embrace a new horizon.

Getting comfy has never been more important. War decreases the more our inner selves are at ease. Inner Comfort rarely ends in outer conflict.

Wherever you're NOT at peace,

you're NOT at Home.

With any trouble start there, and you'll soon be on the road back to a safer, comfier and more peaceful place.



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