Thursday, July 26, 2007

Re-wiring Hearts: Venus goes Retrograde (jul 27 - Sep 8)


the planet relating to Love, Harmony, Peace, your Home Decor, makeovers, Beautiful Things and People, Equality, Soothing Troubled Waters, shopping for new styles, relationships, mergers, agreements, deals, legal matters, justice, value and aesthetics....

goes retrograde (backwards) on Jul 27 until Sep 8.

Take a look at the list above and if you find anything in there that you're going through, want, hope for or wondering about, chances are strong that it's likely to go through a major re-evaluation during this time.

Since Venus rules love - when she's retrograde, romance is odd (specially since Venus will be in Virgo the Analyzer). Dates aren't what we expect - relationships DON'T run smoothly now. Agreements are hard to reach or are delayed. Deals don't come off or we're shaking hands on something that later we're going to say "no thanks!' to. Do you want to sign, say Yes, agree during this time? probably not, unless you have a back-out plan or get-out clause, prenup or backup plan (or date, or color).

Peace isn't easy - but that's half the fun of Venus Retrograde. We need to strive and often fight now for what we value and love and adore and cherish and need to feel comfy and at peace. So of course, life throws us many things that make us say 'No! That's ugly! I don't want that!'.

The down side, is that everyone else is saying the same thing, and they could be saying it about YOUR involvement! Wedding planners beware - now isn't the time to choose your cake or floral design or dress. Even the simple shopper can expect to take back the dress or shirt when you realize it's not how it looked in the store.

We look in the mirror at this time and suddenly we don't see the same thing. Too fat, too thin? What about the wallpaper, too drab, too dark? Be careful - paint has a habit of being slopped on walls now and then again and again, until this period is over.

The good news: we can reevaluate if we're getting a fair deal. In Virgo, Venus Retro helps us get Real about what we care about. Does it pay the bills? Awesome. But does it make you unhappy? That's no good.

Is it fair? Yes, great! No, then why continue? Are YOU being fair? Are you going to draw a line or put up a boundary or fence or walk away?

Is it beautiful? That depends on your perspective, opinion and viewpoint...and mood. What was shiny yesterday may be dull today. Beauty is a moment thing during this period, based on how we feel at any given time.


Forget surface impressions, these change. Love is a feeling that is housed within at every minute of every waking day and while we sleep at night. We're either in tune and alignment with it, or we're out of it, which is usually about the time when we wage war on something or someone around us (if not with ourselves via illness, stress or irritation or attracting violence or 'accidents').

Venus retrogrades to ask us, 'Do you really love it? Are you loving the 'right things'. Is what you are loving loving you back? If not, why are you loving it? How much love/cash/fun/joy do you deserve? Are you worth it? Is the situation worth it?

Name your inner price - because things showing up now will be a direct reflection to this direction conflict with this, so that you get to test out or IMPRESS upon your world your own innate value. What will you do if no one else thinks you're worth the price you set for yourself on how you want to be treated, or how much you want to be paid?

Be patient - Venus is love and peace after all and these WILL win out. But maybe, when everyone else has exhausted all other possibilities and found none satisfying enough.

If you Love, you're in a high vibration.
If you're not loving it (and by it we mean ANYTHING...a home, a street, a car, a person, a thing, a desire, a habit...etc) you're dragging your entire life down, and attracting more of the same, or in danger of doing so.

Custom Build your unique brand of love.
Find new ways to Love what is hard to love, find new paths to wander down if you find it no longer possible to love the one you're on, and find out what....when you take it all REALLY, TRULY value. make that the basis for all your decisions, opinions, agreements, and actions during this time frame.

When it's over, what you are will remain - reflected in the respect, love, agreement and beauty of the things and people still left surrounding you.

Enjoy the journey of discovery. The hearts a big place, and retrograde asks us to get lost within it. Maybe then we can find (or remember) what we never truly lost. Our Love of Self, with all its broken dreams, age-worn crackles and other 'character forming' flaws that make us truly individual.

Love the Imperfections... find the Perfect Love.

Full of Flaws and Lovingly Yours,

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October Crow said...

Ok - there's no internet acronym for "lauhging at myself." Neil, you mention having 'accidents' when you're out of tune with Love. Check this out - I've been complaining (a lot) lately about living in a split level house and how much I hate it. And I really do hate it. And yesterday... I fell down the stairs. (I'm ok except for a sprained ankle)

The funny thing is, I was wondering if that 'accident' was linked to something... and then I read your blog. YEP! Makes all the sense in the world! I love your blog, Neil - Thanks for the enlightenment! Now I gotta work on moving...AFTER Venus goes direct! :)