Friday, September 28, 2007

Aggressive Mothering: Mars moves into Cancer

Fights with your Mom? Family friction? Home Improvement Projects? Smoke alarms going off? Stomach problems? A Crabby and Emotional public? Needy, clingy feelings and vibes? An aggressive roomie or tenant? Something bubbling away inside or or beneath you?

Whether it's you or someone else, keep an eye open for these beauties now that Mars the planet of aggression moved into Cancer, sign of the home, mom, family and personal space.

Not that it's all negative - this is a great time to MAKE YOURSELF COMFY. To be your own mom and to make sure your nurturing skills aren't turning into a smothering or control compaign. That's what the game calls for now - energy (mars) directed into your personal energy space (Cancer).

Everyone is fierce about having their needs met now. And they'll fight you for their right to personal territory. Just you watch - overstep someones emotional safe space and you'll get to hear about it this month. It's the protective mother hen type of month.

Keep an eye on your emotions - aggression and anger could be signs you're not following your feelings or looking after yourself. Walking into other people's emotional minefields is unwise. At least step back and realize it's no one's job to make you feel safe. That's your own choice.

Take out stress on fix it projects, cuddling and making some kick-ass meals for yourself. Baking, anyone?

Passive Aggressiveness rules the day, so if you have something to say, say it, stop tucking it inside your belly or you'll wind up with digestion issues! And no one likes the air polluted with the 'No i'm fine, but I'm going to sit and stew so you KNOW I'm not fine' vibes. Sulkers - stop it!

Enjoy making your home a little more homey and your inner comfort (in your own skin) a priority now. And if you come across any Cancerians on your travels, don't piss them off coz they are no mood to mess.

Your Astro-warning alert system,

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