Sunday, September 02, 2007

Seriously Simple: Saturn moves into Virgo

Saturn just moved into Virgo.

It's time to get serious - about simplifying things. In the next 2.5 yr period look for personal changes surrounding:

A new improved schedule - are you waking up earlier, later - what are you doing daily? Is it a healthy habit or hindering your health?

A new fitness program - more herbs, less carbs or sugar? More natural? Yoga? A new gym? Stretching for breakfast? Or will your body finally send you a message to show you're living out of harmony with your true Nature?

Work and Job shifts - as you begin to see how to serve through your own special vocation. Are you a slave to a corporation or following a course that feels good and helps people? Do you care about what you're providing? Is quality more important or are you just clocking in?

On the bigger scale - the health industry undergoes a major reevaluation. Hospitals, Vitamins, natural remedies and procedures. New health advances and major setbacks and new rules and regulations in the mentioned fields.

Workers rights are hit, as are unions. Service industries get a wake-up call to what's not working. Management needs to reshuffle and new handbooks issued to all staff members with new (but improved?) policies.

More on this soon - for now, it's time to clean up. Your act, your bedroom, your daily schedule, your health, your body, your mind.

Shape up.

Rolling up his own sleeves with ya,


TheSunscream said...

Hmm... that probably is the reason I've been feeling the need to purge recently. Just this weekend I started going through the bookshelves for donations for the "Books for Africa" campaign (which in turn helped me to pick up several books that have been on the shelf for awhile and get reading. I've cleaned up the CD rack and began turning the CDs into MP3.
And the closets are getting hit today; these storage areas must be the signposts of former lives as our old clothes hand in them like old skins - people we used to be or wanted to be but never accomplished - and it is time to clear those out, too. Instead of Spring Cleaning, I think we all need a Fall Purge. I am ready to simplify, shape-up & streamline, so I best dive in!

Twizzie said...

I can feel this new 'clean up' energy coming on, having 3 planets in Virgo. My boyfriend who has Virgo Sun, has already painted the kitchen ceiling, cleaned & made french toast all before I woke up! To-Do lists are great; checking things off on them is even better!
Peace to You, TJN

Nancy said...

I have Venus, Uranus, Pluto and the Sun all in Virgo. I am SO HAPPY Saturn has come into Virgo. It has to be easier than Saturn in Leo.

...and Pluto? Just had a reading done and I have been having Pluto transits for EIGHT years. can you believe it? It is a wonder I am still getting out of bed everyday. LOL!

Neil D Paris said...


Some of us have been stuck with Pluto transits for quite a while for sure (I'm amongst them too!) so no doubt you'll feel a definite charge ahead and some measure of progress with Pluto moving Direct.

As for Saturn hitting all your Virgo planets - he's just the energy you need to get things straightened out and actually stabilized, since Pluto transits can feel as though we have nothing safe, or secure. Enjoy the sanity he brings your way!