Thursday, September 06, 2007

Taking out the trash....Pluto goes Direct (Sep 7)

Pluto Direct
(Rx since March 31, 2007)
September 7 26:18 Sagittarius
Eastern: 10:54 am Pacific:
7:54 pm

Since March 31, Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, regeneration and transformation has been moving retrograde (backwards) and tomorrow moves direct (back to normal) once more.

In Sagittarius, who hasn't had their beliefs challenged? Who hasn't been questioning whether this philosophy or that idea or concept is valid, accurate, real or true? Who hasn't been forced to be completely honest to themselves and be forced to learn most painful lessons when veering from the course we know in our heart is the right one for us?

This phase of inner resurrection comes to a form of completion during this next Pluto cycle. It does mean that some chapters will inevitably close with a finality you've not experienced til well before March 2007. Remember when you could be done and really mean it? Remember when endings meant you could pick up the pieces and carry on? Recent days and months have seen old issues haunt us still ("but i thought I had learned that!") or else fragments from a half-forgitten (or repressed) past came back to poke and prod us into dealing with them once again.

Darkness hasn't waned around us, it just went into hiding. Now, when Pluto turns direct again we get a surge of power, collectively, to deal with the dark, and turn out the old so that we can celebrate a renewed sense of self, spirit and soul.

On the simple level, Pluto will allow for a parting of the ways in some area of your life (look to the House Pluto is currently passing through). Very briefly though (contact me for more depth as always):

Aries can destroy all others codes of conduct and finally follow their own custom-made belief system.
Taurus can realize that power often comes from what we choose not to do than what we actually manifest.
Gemini can find their own strength or manipulation mirrored back to them through other people who come or go now.
Cancer can clean up the mess by seeing once and for all which parts no longer work in the whole of their life picture.
Leo can find the power of play acting instead of playing games in order to feel truly loved and appreciated.
Virgo can find safety and security on changing ground knowing that home is a sense of self, not a physical thing or place.
Libra can tune their mind into only things they desire and no longer give power to shadows of possibilities.
Scorpio can ground their new-found self belief and self worth into projects of power that further their financial and personal wealth.
Sagittarius can be proud of the spiritual weight lost of late and how aloneness was needed to accomplish the cleanse.
Capricorn can release the toxins accumulated to date and complete a cycle of collecting all things that block us from our true spiritual core.
Aquarius can free themselves from old dreams that haunt but no longer satisfy and mix with those who have a purpose and a power to reform instead of rebel for its own sake.
Pisces can stand strong knowing that power is being given to them as a reward for following Universal Law and using, not abusing, the responsibilities issued to them of late.

Pluto asks us to give up siding with things, people, places, energies, attitudes, beliefs, opinions, lifestyles or relationships that no longer give us a sense of healthy power, deep passion, intense and loyal vibrations and that sink us further into haunted and dark places.

Release the meany energy in your own life under what can be a major detox period if you allow what's rotting, rotten, falling or fallen to fade and phase out of your life.

How can you be reborn to a new life
if you too scared to let your old self die?

Pull the plug!

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