Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cosmic Colonics: The Virgo Lunar Eclipse (Feb 20)

Eclipses shake up the psychic, spiritual, physical and emotional dust inside and around us.

We're currently on the verge of the Virgo Lunar Eclipse which holds a distinct message affecting us all. So if you're wondering why you're questioning your career path, wondering if you're making any progress, about to quit a job or find yourself laid off, heavy and depressed, overly obsessive-compulsive and turning into a control freak in certain areas of your life, feel stuck in muck or overdoing your cleaning sprees, you're already under the vibes of the Eclipse.


Remember that every manifested event you come into contact with or experience or witness, holds a message for you regarding where you're at with yourself. Everything mirrors. And during the Lunar Eclipse - when the Moon mirrors perfectly back the light from the Sun, we get to really SEE where we're at, usually because our FEELINGS tell us something important. It's hard to disguise frustration, reluctance, fear, joy. Emotions are the fuel on our life's road.

However, during the Lunar Eclipse, the light we're normally we ready to see all by is obscured, momentarily blocked by the shadow of the Earth - and the shadow of our earthly obligations (obligation here means "those things we decided we'd be focusing upon when we arrived here but subsequently forgot and now complain about because we KNOW they are important and thats why we get ultra-stressed when we either don't focus on them as we should, but also because we feel that by missing them or missing out (failure)

Talk about stress.

Saturn is the planet that relates to our Life Work, a major part of our Mission, which many of us turn into our career to give ourselves an excuse to Get It Done, and it's also the planet that relates most strongly to the earth plane - the things we have to achieve and feel we accomplished during our time here. Yep, even lazy people have a Saturn placement. And even they are hounded day and night by an unresolved feeling, a sense they aren't doing what they need to do.

This Lunar Eclipse is conjuncted (joined) by Saturn, who's currently retrograding - giving us all amply time (he relates to the clock ticking) to go back and resolve issues we have with ourselves and our cosmic To-Do List. In Virgo, this Eclipse along with Saturn gives us a major marker or milestone on our earthy/spiritual progress.

First up is a sense of Job Insecurity for those who aren't in the right place just yet to satisfy that inner need to accomplish something specific.
Some may suddenly find Job Fulfillment (or both of these things) and land the Job of Their Dreams (which is basically another way of finding a way to fulfill your life path and life's work). There are no surprises here, though it may seem like it. The Lunar Eclipse makes us feel lost, as our emotions are without an anchor, and then we have a chance to feel our way ahead back on track to what we know we should be doing.

What should we be doing?

Someone once said to me, "to find out what your Life Mission is" just look at what you've been doing your entire life. No, not losing yourself in the bottle, but things like 'always passing on advice to help people in their relationships' or 'cleaning up around me' or 'passing on what I know about remedies' or 'looking after people'. Often what we reach for is what we really always did as a child. Our souls know what we want before we're all confused by 'adult stuff'. What were you playing mostly as a kid?

After a career shift, we may experience a need to clean up our acts or environment in a number of ways. Filing cabinets, a clear out, boxing up work stuff or general junk. Maybe we're switching offices, moving out, being asked to clear out. Maybe our home space is so cluttered we can't move or breathe.

Our bodies may begin to feel the burn if we're off track or pushing in a direction that really doesn't belong to us in this lifetime. Look to Saturn/Virgo issues such as bone, teeth or joint problems. Arthritic issues. Sore knees, ankles, elbows. Digestion ickiness, or being clogged up.

Yes you're in need of more rest, stretching and a cosmic colonic. Try a detox. Try not letting work consume you (or the search for it).

In short - are we over or under-doing following and fulfilling our life's work?
All work and No play and all that jazz. If so, what will we have at the end but a fat check, a huge trophy and no personal life or healthy body to enjoy this "success".

And on the flip side, if we give up or just don't bother, then we only put off the lessons for another day, or wind up with it coming full force at us on one fell swoop because we avoided all the little challenges that (due to delaying matters) has now become One Giant Thing You Can't Avoid.

SO the simple checklist during this Eclipse is:

1. Do what you know you need to do
2. Do it the best you can.
3. Let it go, move on and have some fun.
4. Repeat steps 1-4.

Trying any other approach may work short term or it may send you to the hospital or psychiatrists couch, but it needed be so difficult.

To aid you in this emotional period of transition (because things WILL change and you WLL be faced with some pretty big emotions at this time) I have prepared some special Lunar Eclipse Readings, that will take you through YOUR journey during this period and reveal to you where and how this Eclipse is likely to be felt in your own life story.

You can sign up and find out more here.

Feel free to share your stories here, and remember - if it's not broken, don't "fix" it. And if it is broken, maybe it's better to let it go and move on. Because the things that are truly ours in this lifetime, never leave and always have a way of working out. Since this Eclipse sends beautiful aspects to Pluto (planet of death and rebirth) it's time to stop clinging to the old/useless/wasteful/unhelpful - people, addictions, places, lifestyles, jobs, friends, family patterns, diets, projects (etc) and make room for a New and Improved ________.

The Lunar Eclipse fills in the blank. All we have to do is allow.

Be Receptive to Change!


Change cannot be avoided during an Eclipse. We're not meant to stay the same or remain in the same place. Lunar Eclipses inspire great feeling, to reflect great progress on the path, or great potential to get back onto a path more to our liking, and our own personal needs, as opposed to what we think we need, or what others dictate for us. Follow the feeling.


Aliza said...

What a beautiful post. Just discovered your blog. Your writing is clear and insightful (my favorite quality!).

This eclipse is on my nodes, Virgo in the South, Pisces to the North....

Must go back and read rest of blog...

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks Aliza, Great to have you on board!

This Eclipse period will highlight your past and ground already covered, and possibly some old gifts you brought in with you this lifetime.
Let me know how it maps out for you and remember, often we get ahead by having one last look back at what we may have missed (or left undone).

Anonymous said...

You are always right on and your words are always multi layered....you always, but always make me think and rethink,,,,,thank you,,,,I think,,Sharon

Aliza said...

I am a freelancer and lost a client. It had been building and now it's happening. On the down side is money insecurity. On the up side is I was getting frustrated with too much of that particular line of work. It was not working for me physically or mentally. I am growing my own Astrology and Tarot business so I hope that will alleviate some of the pressure, but the pressure is there!

I am always astounded when these things happen on schedule for me, even when I can tell someone else it will happen for them... You definitely get the "feelings" just right.

Neil D Paris said...


The whole process of losing something big in order to take on something even bigger is so connected to the Eclipse. Here's to your new Astrology and Tarot direction, that is awesome news! All of this is great material for you, to see the patterns and no doubt is manifesting so you can free yourself to pursue these (and get some great experience in how it all manifests) as you continue on. Eclipses are great for shaking us out of one mode of operation and back on track.

Leila said...

Amazing how when you are not quite sure what you are searching for you find it "accidentally". I am so glad your blog found me. Thanks for putting yourself out there Neil.

Your last post described my life perfectly - everywhere I look I see the message reflected back. Yet I AM having trouble doing what I need to do.

Where does such resistance come from when I am acutely aware of the messages constantly being sent to me to do what I know I need to do? I SO believe that I need to do these things, yet just can't seem to get going - when will it stop?

colonics said...

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