Monday, February 18, 2008

Mercury Goes Direct (Feb 18)

On February 18 at 7.57pm (PST) Mercury ends this current run in retrograde.

Expect a shift. A decision made, an offer coming. A green light or a red flag that what you THOUGHT was correct is riddled with typos, loopholes or something equally unsavory.
Mercury Direct is often the escape clause to a contract you want no part in, a way to break a lease, or any other way to weedle out of something that turns out to be different to what you originally thought.

When Mercury ends retrograde suddenly the phone rings and you get the message you've been waiting for. The friend or date who dropped off the planet, materializes with a story of why they vanished. Your phone and computer suddenly speed up after weeks of churning, grinding snail-pace performance.

There's still old ground to cover as we continue on from where we left off - but REAL progress doesn't usually come until Mercury exits its shadow period (and finally gets back to where he was before he started turning retro) by March 14.

Don't worry though, you don't need to wait for then to get ahead. You may break even, or you may (if you've aligned yourself with the theme of Mercury Retrograde) find that the past, the old, the things you tossed aside, the things you'd given up on, actually flare up and come back to life and aid you during the Shadow period. Either way, you're not technically out of the old woods and into new ones, until March 14 when new vistas await you.

I find it funny that 'retro' always seems in fashion, yet Mercury retrograde isn't.
For a country like the USA (born with Mercury Retrograde, and a Cancer country - a double whammy for being 'stuck' in the past and repeating history (and historical moments, birth dates and events - "Never Forget!" etc) it's amazing that going back during Mercury Retrograde is so difficult. Perhaps most of us prefer looking back, than actually revisiting. The idea of going home, when you know home is no longer there, is a sobering and often sad experience.

Now that the traffic is flowing once more, where are you going to put your mind?

Steering towards your bliss?



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