Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Week Specials (and something for the singles!)

Who cares if you're single, engaged, married or separating, Valentine's Week is another one of those "holidays" we get to enjoy ourselves, and whoever else we share life with.

No one is really single. We all have an ongoing relationship, somewhere. With a boss, parent, coworker, friend, even an enemy!

There seems to be two main kinds of relationship connections (and I'm sure a vast array of variations within these) - Soul Mates and Karma Dates.

Soul Mates we feel a certain vibrational 'hum' with, a sense of comfort (from knowing them before), safety and familiarity (while still being encouraged to grow and push yourself).

Karmic Dates - those we feel a stomach-pull with, whom we may experience love-at-first sight with, those whom we get entangled and embroiled in intense and addictive patterns that aren't altogether healthy - but necessary for our karmic lessons.

To get a handle on the ins and outs of your connection, I'm offering a specially discounted Relationship Report (you can choose Love or Friends) and if you order, you'll receive two FREE Naughty Natal Reports (they're not yet on offer to anyone else) - which dish the dirt on you (and anyone else you choose) in a fun, lighthearted yet astrologically sound way.

Now thru Feb 17.

Valentine Special: Three Reports for $25!

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