Saturday, April 25, 2009

Health Update

Hey Gang,

How ya keeping? Quite a time out there, re-evaluating our spending habits, working out if we're loiving ourselves enough, a few exes or relationship patterns rearing their heads and now we get to adjust to more comfort with the Taurus New Moon.

My Reading schedule has had to be put on hold, due to my new course of antibiotics that I was put on, since my body has been stubborn! And as many of you know, side effects are always an icky part of it. I have a 3 week course, and then some minor surgery. So this next few weeks is important for me to rest, recuperate, heal and get back to full strength.

Which means of course, I want to refuel so I can give you the best of me. You deserve nothing less. It's how I've always worked and will continue to work. So thanks for bearing with me.

Thanks for well wishes and understanding, we all go through various learning curves and this Pisces is learning about the body right now, the Earth-Suit we spirits wear in this plane of existence, and it's something crappy, but always a great thing.
Much Learning. Talk about being pulled back into your body from too much space-orbiting!

Health is also in the mind, and that's a reminder to you too, no matter where you're at, your mental outlook on it all does change the actual events themselves and your experience of them. That's a beautiful thing.

More soon, as I build strength.

And keep walking, swimming, ambling, cruising, stepping, running, surging, sailing, blindly-stumbling, edging, marching forward on your own Path.

I'll be with you again soon!


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Anonymous said...

I hope you continue to heal and will be your joyful self soon. Love, Marti