Friday, April 03, 2009

So Where Have I Been?

Howdy Stargazers!

Are you upset with me? Not getting your usual astro-updates and frustrated? I know, I know. Forgive me.

A lot is going on, all in a short time (doesn't it ever?) As the progressed sun entered my 6th house of physical maintenance a whole host of health stuff reared their heads (a Hydra of sorts!), and being a sensitive Pisces fish I'm generally sensitive to medicine. Yes, I'm a wimp. I've been building a tolerance, and getting by but it's wiped me out and made me unwilling to continue my reading schedule at the same speed.

Everyone who has put through an order before April 1, your notes have already been started and I ask for your patience. As you know, I only like to give 100% for each Reading.

There is GREAT NEWS too, that some of you have already contacted me about (I have spies everywhere!) which I'll share with you all very soon indeed.

I'm glad i could make it to the blog today, i'll end here and apologies for missed typos!

Hope YOU are hanging in there and I can't wait to get back on track to be able to offer you support or guidance you may need.

Remember, focus on what you want, every day and expect a miracle..



Heleen said...

Be well Neil. Good to see you're blogging, but your health and feeling better is to me much more important than being able to read your thoughtful, beautiful words. Keep your focus to yourself, if we read your bloggs in the best way we know you have to love yourself first! Nice advice: expect a miracle...I'll keep that in mind!!
If I place that one on another line that struck me - 'mary yourself'(Rob Breszny) - I think that's the best miracle I can expect. Hug, Heleen

Anonymous said...

Feel better Neil-you're awesome!