Thursday, April 16, 2009

Transit Report: Your Current Situation & Cycles

Astrology is all about cycles.

Did you know:

If Saturn is in your 8th House
- you're more likely to get audited than at any other time?
If Mars is in your 4th House - you're probably going to end up arguing with those you live with
or doing home-improvement tasks (but avoid burns and bruises, another common issue!)
If Venus is in your 5th House - chances are you'll receive an invite to a party or meet someone special?
If Pluto is in your 1st house - a major makeover is predicted?
If Jupiter is in your 2nd House - you're like to overspend or suddenly earn more or win big!?

Which cycles are you in? There are 12 Houses and over 12 planets & asteroids- that's a LOT of possibilities! Each one is currently in a certain area of your Chart demanding your attention.

And that's not counting the relationship the planets have with each other (harmonious/challenging).

This report will show you where planets are NOW, where they are headed -
and how to make the most of it.

Avoid the potholes and cash in on the best times to do things!

Check out a Sample and order yours below!

Transit Future Report $35

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