Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Jul 7)

Lunar Eclipse Readings available now, based on your chart and expected changes in the next 6 months.

Lunar Eclipses bring emotional change. Astrologically, the Moon reigns over our emotional natures, home lives, family situations and our day to day feelings. During a Lunar Eclipse, these areas of our life are temporarily shaken - often by events in our physical lives that temporarily force our hands and force our attention in a certain direction.

Some experience an emotional 'high' as events reach a completion and success. At other times, we may experience a complete emotional overhaul, and feel insecure, nervous or just about any other disrupting and often worrying emotion.

Feeling raw and open?

You may find yourself amongst the majority who will experience an ENDING, A Chapter Closure, a relationship end, a job ending - one phase of life seems to hold no more promise.

If so, welcome to the Chess Pieces of Your Life moving things around to get you ahead. Believe it or not, that's what's happening.

Remember that every manifested event you come into contact with or experience or witness, holds a message for you regarding where you're at with yourself. Everything mirrors. And during the Lunar Eclipse - when the Moon mirrors perfectly back the light from the Sun, we get to really SEE where we're at, usually because our FEELINGS tell us something important. It's hard to disguise frustration, reluctance, fear, joy. Emotions are the fuel on our life's road.

However, during the Lunar Eclipse, the light we're normally we ready to see all by is obscured, momentarily blocked by the shadow of the Earth - and the shadow of our earthly obligations (obligation here means "those things we decided we'd be focusing upon when we arrived here but subsequently forgot and now complain about because we KNOW they are important and thats why we get ultra-stressed when we either don't focus on them as we should, but also because we feel that by missing them or missing out" (failure)

Change cannot be avoided during an Eclipse. We're not meant to stay the same or remain in the same place. Lunar Eclipses inspire great feeling, to reflect great progress on the path, or great potential to get back onto a path more to our liking, and our own personal needs, as opposed to what we think we need, or what others dictate for us. Follow the feeling.


This one falls in the sign of CAPRICORN so all goats have a chance to ring the changes in their lives. Some will fact an emotional overhaul, an event that catalyzes them to a shift, cutting free from old responses to life. Something is cast aside, they say goodbye to someone, some thing, some place or some mode of being.

Cancers born with their Sun close to 15 degrees will feel the effects of this shift played out within their relationships to others. Some things just have to change now and it's all for the best if you can ride the tides of your feelings and get real and serious about what it is you want.

Since this is an EARTH SIGN Eclipse, it's about setting new limits, boundaries and structure to our lives. If we don't feel our career path is right for us, it's time for change. If we are squandering our time, life forces us to change direction.

You're in control of you. You are your own Father.
This Eclipse (the first in a series so stay tuned) is about Taking Charge of where we want to go, and allowing Change to show us a better way.

Adapt, flow but maintain a structure that will help you reach your Goal.

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