Friday, July 03, 2009

Full Moon July 7 and Eclipses Ahead!

Stay tuned for news on the Jul 7 Full Moon in Capricorn. If you're a Goat or a Crab, you'll notice the pull, but we all get to experience it in some area of our lives.

And for the Eclipses set to shake up our worlds, on July 22 (especially if you were born around Jul 21/22 and Dec 21/22). These Eclipses are personal to you and will rock your world in powerful ways. Also make a note if you're born around March 21/22 and Sep 21/22 as these are important times in your life too.

Talk about Big Changes. You can feel it's time too, right?

It's a big time for us all, and I'll go into detail very soon.

There will also be some special Eclipse Readings available nearer the time too.
Also stay tuned for the New Site release, up ahead!

Your Astrologer,

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Lions' said...

Thank you again Neil for your "right-on-track" insights! =]