Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dark Love: Venus square Pluto (March 11)

Venus (love, relationship, our values) is about to square (challenge) Pluto (the darkness, death, rebirth, transformations, intensity).

For a full run down on what this means for us, read my post Our Dark Embrace, from the last time these planetary energies did this dance together, to see how it may reflect goings-on in your own life.

I'll add to the above article the following:

Venus relates to our values, what we hold dear to us. Pluto relates to the transformation and burning off of whatever shadows are holding us back (ultimately fear [disconnection from Source energy]. If venus relates to our possessions also, Pluto could suggest the losing or letting go (by choice or by force) or to redevelop a new appreciation of the things we have and the people close to us.

Whatever comes up for transformation and transmutation in the weeks ahead, remember that
Love is Love. Everything else is illusion.
Let this bring you back to your true Self once more.

Your Astrologer,


Mentor said...

"Love is all you need." (Lennon & McCartney)

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil,thank you for your great article.I was mindful of the Saturn entery into Libra on 29th OCT 09 and also the big one,Saturn squares Pluto and now I learnt from you that Venus squares Pluto!very nice!how lucky Libran I am!this is why I was having turmoil and was on such intense emotional rollercoaster,specially in the last 3 I have the full picture! I met atleast 5 girls in 3 weeks and all of them senses the high intensity in me and failed to continue with me! can I ask,what you,as an expert astrologer,would do if you were under such a unfavourable and intense planetry situation like mine and want a girl in your life asap?!thank you Neil.I am a new fan here.Mike

Neil D Paris said...

Hi Mike!
Thanks for stopping by - firstly, I always like to think there is no 'unfortunate' anything in reality, unless we are unconscious about it - with conscious awareness we can turn anything to a positive. So this transit has brought up one thing so far for you it seems - the fact in relationships (Venus) some others can't handle your intensity (Pluto).
This leads me to 2 thoughts - 1: are these the right types if they can't handle that. Maybe life is helping you cut out (pluto) those you're not right for.
2: If it's only something you have noticed of late, it's related to a planetary transit, and thus it won't last and it's a clearing out phase of what you desire and value (venus) and what you must let go of (pluto).

Finally, you said something interesting, you 'want a girl in (your) life asap'. Why the pressure for something so fast? That sounds like potential unhealthy Pluto stuff. if you're happy doing your own thing (the ultimate Libran test) you'll find others want to be with you. If there's pressure attached, others are likely to feel it and run a mile.

I can look at your chart for more info but hope this helps give u some new thoughts and perspectives.

Thanks for signing up, and look fwd to hearing back from you!
Your Astrological Ally,

Anonymous said...

Neil,Thank you for the was quite helpful..I can agree with you that we create our own reality with "conscious awareness" of what is moving on in the heaven
for your #1 thougth;on the first contact or date,they "get it" that there is something wierd is going wasnt like that before,I used to attract and get any girls atleast to the 1st or 2nd drink but under this transit,i just react strangely!I sound to them too needy!(I hate this tho)women can sense the intensity/neediness in man from miles!
I guess,you're right,I should chill out more and wait for this transit to pass.thank you again for your kind words.Best,Mike

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks Mike!

I think it's also worth noting that there's nothing wrong with your approach to love, just that during Venus/PLuto times we get to see ust what we need and desire - and to focus less on how we are received and more on what we want. The right ones will never have a problem with how we are, because it will be a natural 'resonance'. And right or wrong, is all relative to the individual. Relationships are our test ground and way of discovering ourselves. So focusing less on them and more on yourself is a great thing, I feel. You are magnetic, no question about that, so don't worry so much on how you come across, and simply enjoy the numbers game of the Dating World and enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

You're a super charming man too! I Love your take and analysis on this matter...enjoyed this interaction.have a great evening.Mike