Monday, April 07, 2008

Our Dark Embrace... Venus squares Pluto

Venus is currently challenged by Pluto. In Astrological terms, Venus is SQUARE (a 90 degree angle of conflict, tension) Pluto.

Venus = Love, Relationships, Beauty, Harmony
Pluto = intensity, power, darkness, rebirth

So we're in a sort of 'Fatal Attraction' time - relationships intensify, we end up meeting people who drive us so crazy we enter The Dark Realm - we become jealous, envious, we feel suspicious, we go through peoples pockets, sniff out their secrets or just THINK they are out to get us. We feel with such intensity now, that we end up seeking out things perhaps better left alone. Yet every stone turned now can lead to healing.

Relationships of all kinds now become intense. We meet people who pull on us, who force us to transform or try and force us to change when we don't want to.

Since Venus is what we enjoy, we enjoy the darker aspects of life - the taboo, the evil, the shadow, the malevolent. Rental of horror movies is sure to skyrocket this week. And so are the number of stalkers out on the streets. Is your door locked?

No, I'm kidding (ish). But it's worth considering how obsessed you are becoming or are about a certain someone. Or a certain relationship or partnership. Or something you find attractive. Is it really good for you? Under this current alignment, the dark chocolate gateau may be laced with cyanide. Either that, or it'll give a seriously bad case of the runs the next day.

If anything, let what you love die. Let it fly free because you are secure. Let it change form (which is a death) and allow it to be itself without trying to corrupt or force it into a way YOU want.

The way we relate to each other and ourselves is going through a radical alteration now. It may not be easy, but the rewards are worth it.

In short, whichever relationships survive these storms, are made to last. Because they respect the need for change, for tearing down old ways of relating an sharing, and dealing with the ugly sides of love. And those that die, weren't strong enough.

Abuse is still abuse, so we must decide to walk away from unhealthy patterns. What we want, may not really truly be in line with our changing values.

Which is which in your life? Are you ready to let some relationship habits die so you can release old attachments? Or are you dying by refusing to change?

Love is Love.

Everything else is an illusion, or a lie masquerading as the truth.

Stalker-free (except for these email updates!) Love,



Anonymous said...

I often have aahaa moments when reading your blogs. Thanks for being out there and giving us guide posts on our journey. Love, Marti

Anonymous said...

Thanks Neil, This confirmed a lot of the energy I have been experiencing!

Anonymous said...

No wondering, I've been experiencing intense moments of fear regarding a relationship that I'm in. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this.

Feeling the fear then letting it go...