Friday, March 26, 2010

On Sale! 2010 & Your Sign CDs: Just $50!

My special CD series is now on sale!

One for each sign, these 12 CDs are detailed, accurate, insightful and hold the key to using the planetary alignments this whole year.

You can order your own unique CD that details the entire year ahead - 2010 in all its potential glory and the areas of challenge, tests, abundance and growth. Be prepared with a detailed, in-depth look.


* Saturn areas of challenge, limitation and how to work with them for maximum success.
* Uranus areas of freedom, sudden change and where to expect surprises
Your Areas of Abundance, Good Fortune & Opportunity, courtesy of Jupiter transits.
* Eclipse points, detailing where your Major Chapter shifts will be experienced
* Your PowerPoint Moments - lunar cycles to help you manifest with precision
* Mercury Retrograde Periods - three specific windows to watch out for
* Pluto's message: where you'll face a complete overhaul to access your full power

And more! Covers dates, time periods, and easy-to-follow info for ALL levels!

Order your Rising Sign CD also for an extra $40. Just click here to get yours.

Just $50 (normally $65!)

Make this your greatest year yet.

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