Friday, October 22, 2010

Aries Full Moon (Oct 22)

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With Saturn (karmic responsibility, discipline, structure, limitation) still in Aries opposite sign of Libra, there's a theme of Growing Up, facing up to your obligations to not only others (Libra) but also to yourself (Aries) now. A push pull always exists at the time of the Full Moon when the Sun and Moon are in opposing signs.

In Aries/Libra, the swing between self/others continues. Karmic material may surface (Saturn in Libra) but we need to decide what our part in every situation truly is (Moon in Aries).

Are you happy with your side of the deal?

At 29 Degrees (A "Critial Degree" and the last degree of the sign) issues reach a peak, the lesson is just about learned, complete. In Aries, the lesson is simple: Aggression has a place. Anger has its role. Asserting your rights is key. But war for the sake of war, has no place.

The true warrior defeats only the ego.

Career shifts now represent a move towards something better for us. Delays, frustrations, kinks in the works, are all temporary annoyances on the road to longer term fulfilmment.

Hang in there!

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