Wednesday, October 20, 2010

: One Tarot Question (by email)

Tarot has always been a fascination of mine. Back in my early Astrological days, I was given a deck by my older brother, when I was 16. And for another 17 years I have been exploring all metaphysical offshoots of this Ancient Art.

Tarot cards are an amazing tool to gain insight on ANY subject. Just ask a direct and clear question and the cards will give you a direct and clear answer - and may even point out something more important to be aware of than your actual question!

Since so many of you are busy, and yet still have questions about where things are going, options lying before you at a crossroads, an outside perspective on your situation and so forth, I wanted to offer something simple and effective, and affordable, for those questions burning on your mind.

As always, I'll say it as I see it. Just simple, straightforward insight, into any question of your choice.

I'm continually surprised by how much the Tarot picks up on certain events (even those I have no knowledge of). As always, if you seek with an honest and open heart, you'll find an honest and open answer.

Ask a Question

Each question is $50, and answers are sent over email. I'll answer each question personally, so allow a few days to receive your answer.

I look forward to helping you in a new way!

Your Psychic SideKick,

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