Thursday, October 07, 2010

Secrets of Your Sexual Side & Dating Destiny!

Who's YOUR ideal lover?

What kind of lover are YOU?

And what type of Relationship are you really, truly seeking?

The answers may surprise you.

Armed with your Astrology Chart (of which you'll receive a copy) this audio class (for men & women) will help you avoid the Romance Rocks and surf your Signs to a more fulfilling Dating Destiny.

Your Unique Partnership Profile reveals:

* Your Rising Sign & Personal Presentation Package (how others really see you!)
* Your Venus Sign: Specific Love Needs & Deepest Desires (avoid these and you're sunk)
* The "types" you should REALLY be looking for, (via your personal "Descending Sign")
* The way you make love & what satisfies you sexually and more (via your Mars Sign)

Size up any date, any lover, anyone! Finally, permission to be Yourself.
Only then can you truly find and be the Ultimate Lover.

** Just in time for the New Moon in Libra, 2010's Powerpoint in Relationship Manifestation!

Order your Audio Class CD and special Relationship Profile Chart today.

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