Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Fresh Air of Freedom: Aquarius New Moon

Freedom Calls!

Just look at the News. We want Freedom, scream the people! That's the vibe of this Aquarius New Moon. (The United States was born with the Moon in Aquarius and its icons of 'freedom' such as the Statue of Liberty still stand as testaments to its promise...however much it has since strayed and will go through its own revolutions in the years ahead).

You can find the forecasts for each sign for this New Moon if you click here.

Briefly here, this is your time to explore your own brand of uniqueness. To celebrate the weird being that you are. The one off, never to be repeated. If you left the planet, no one could replicate what you did or who you were. Not exactly.

Play with freedom, space, perspective, detachment. Connect with like-minds. Reach out with those you 'get' or who 'get you'. See which groups around sound like something you'd like to dive into. Break the rules of restriction you've imposed on yourself of late.

Be kinky, different, rebellious, odd, unusual, queer, bizarre, laid back and Just Yourself. Guaranteed, it'll shift things in a really cool, new way.

Your Astrologer,

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