Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Relationships and Finances become intense. Venus is our desire to connect to others. When we reach out now, we meet PLUTO the Darth Vader planet. We can't help but zero in on some of our dirty dark secrets and shadows. The things hidden away that fester. So there may be a purging in relationships. Whatever happens, you get to go deeper. Are you ready and willing to take your values to the bottom line? What is it ultimately worth?

Some may decide that they've had enough. And call it quits. But can you see through this 'Hell' passage and see what's beyond? Chances are you're facing a karmic wound or trauma. Something in your soul's history that hurt. That remains a Dark Part of your Nature.

We're attracted (Venus) now to things that are mysterious, dangerous, deep, sexy, smouldering, that promise a cathartic experience. Is it a fatal attraction? We'll soon see. Are you seeking a soul connection or just a mind blowing orgasm? Are you totally in or not even gonna bother?

Artists find this a time to focus, commit and churn all their emotions into some pretty amazing pieces. In Capricorn, Venus/Pluto manifests something pretty dazzling.

It's all about the subtle approach. The black dress that HINTS at sexuality, not the pornographic centerfold. Understate power is hotter than outright control (and thus insecurity).

In all your unions, face your fear of Loss, Betrayal and even your fear or Greater Intimacy and your own Innate Power.

Ditch superficial attachments and go for the soul.

Your Astrologer,

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