Monday, February 07, 2011

Your Valentine Gift: $10 Gift Certificate!

Some of us are in the throes of amazing relationships. Some aren't. Some are struggling with legal battles, others with the sort that rage under behind closed doors. We're all doing the Saturn in Libra dance. Negotiating. Working out sides. Trying to find moderation. Peace.

Whether you're with someone or single, this Season of Love, I have a gift for you: a $10 gift certificate to get yourself something, or something for someone who's been there for you.

There are reports on Love (Relationship Compatibility Report, Cosmic Couple), and ones on yourself (Natal, Indra, Centaur, past Life) and ones on your road ahead (Solar Return, Transit, AstroJourney). Reports for children and adults. Something for everyone.

Just enter this code at checkout and you'll get $10 off. Since most Reports are just $20, that's like getting a 50% discount.

Keep Loving, no matter where you currently stand, and things can only keep getting better and better.

Your Astrologer,

Discount Ends Feb 15: Snag your discount here!

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