Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Gemini

We need to express (Gemini) our feelings. We now have a chance to talk about what is in our hearts. We even have a chance to explore (Gemini) new comfort zones (Cancer).
Journaling is a great idea now, or at least making a list of positive aspects of our lives (to expand these areas by focusing on them). Writer have a great time now, since they can explore their hearts and heads in combination. Actually, all of us can, not favoring one over the other.

If we don't focus on what feels good (including thoughts), we end up running our heads in circles (negative Gemini) and becoming emotionally knocked into the darkness (negative Cancer).

Under Cancer, the focus is still on our feelings, habits, past and family/home situation. Our needs are paramount now. Under the Gemini Moon, we get to talk about it, find out new information to help us fulfill our needs..and to laugh off how dramatic we can be when we claim ownership over any particular emotion..since in time, they all shall pass.

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