Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces

We're all looking to our home and families for comfort, conflict-resolution, blame, security - you name it. Whatever is going on, is close to home. We feel connected to it. It's highly personal. And we may feel a little lost, drifting, daydreaming or just plain avoiding something or confused by it. All is not as it seems.

Cancer/Pisces connections are all related to the safety of the emotions. Being able to feel and not be punished or judged for it. Comfort eating may be common now. So would feeling the need to sink into a bath (or into someone's arms).

We want safety (Cancer) and need magic and escapism (Pisces). We feel (Cancer) and need compassion (Pisces) for self and others.

Go easy, then until the turning of the tide.

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