Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update from your Astrologer!

Hey Gang,

Did you miss me? Well I missed you. I just relocated to my new home in Twin Peaks, CA, which took longer than expected. Yes there actually IS a town of that name, and with the number of odd situations that befell my partner and I during this move, it seems fitting.

Yes, strange things do happen to Astrologers. Even we are not immune to the chance events of "fate" or the pre-selected life lessons that inevitably find us, no matter where we are. Astrology can help us uncover the cycles, and work with them. But I have truly come to believe that some events are meant to be worked through, and don't mean anything negative at all.

As my Progressed Sun moved into Aries, the shift was a natural next step. New beginnings abound for me. Right on Track.

The trip was worth it - I am now in the beautiful woods up by Lake Arrowhead (the place that bottles all that spring water of the same name). Who would have though that in the middle of the vast desert of southern california, there would be such an oasis. I am going to be very happy here, and for a 4th house Sun to say that, is really something.

What's ahead for us all? Well stay tuned. I have more video horoscopes, more articles on what's happening. New Readings and Reports, Personal anecdotes and of course, every Monday I'll update the Weekly Scopes, which seem to be turning into more Weekly Thoughts with a dose of Astrology - my thoughts and insights coupled with a finger on the pulse of what's going on Astrologically.


many of you are still curious about the TV Show I have mentioned previously. Depending on how long you've been with me, you may already know I have been called on numerous times to partake in Astrology Shows for TV. I've met executives, been called in for auditions and run-throughs and interviews on the subject. There's a truly a market, so hopefully soon, someone is going to jump on this and run with it. We're moving out of the Dark Ages where people fear the field and are now beginning to realize its validity and truly helpful guidance on life's rocky roads.

I am still in talks with Los Angeles and will keep you posted.


I am back to my Reading Schedule so if you are having issues, or just want a personal session to uncover your own life path and possibilities, along with your personal cycles, then you can sign up at the website and order there (along with the extensive list of Reports on offer that you can order and have in your hands within 24-48 hours).

That's it for now, I am glad to be back and look forward to sharing the crazy road ahead with you, through this summer and into 2012. So much ahead!

Whatever you're going through right now, embrace it as all right on track. No matter how stressful or weird, or upsetting or confusing. Life has a bigger meaning and if you stick with me,I'll show you a bigger picture and a potential future for you, where you're smiling from ear to ear.

Your Astrologer,

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