Thursday, May 15, 2014

Buffers and Fluffers: Venus meets Uranus in Aries

Venus meets Uranus in Aries ♈: Intimacy/Freedom, Love/Friendship, Enjoyment/Weirdness. Get the picture? 

In Aries ♈, Love At First Sight really is true. But just as you're suddenly HOT things could just as likely turn COLD if you expect everything to stay the same. Some people are "Buffers", some are "Fluffers" (see my book Surfing Your Solar Cycles, to find out who is who in your life).

Nothing is set in stone and we'd be bored if it was, right now.

In honor of this weird and wacky time in Relationships (as well as Finance, another Venus area) check out the smorgasbord of RELATIONSHIP Reports, and read some Samples.
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* The Complete Relationship Report (detailed)
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* Togetherness Report (colorful and insightful)
* Time Together Report (unique - 'couple timing')

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Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!

REMINDER: Karma Class is extended through June! Check under KARMA at the link above.

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