Saturday, May 10, 2014

Venus/Mars opposition in Mutual Reception: Kisses with a Hickie

Venus and Mars in Mutual Reception (in the sign ruled by the other) - Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra AND lying in opposition reflects a current theme of figuring out where YOU are in relation to OTHERS.

Venus/Mars in opposition in their partner signs, is a beautiful symbol that in the other we find ourselves. Through assertion we stand (or find) our ground. Through self-love we fortify ourselves to them be able to share it.

Mars in Libra is retrograde suggests karmic patterns need repeating. Which ones?

Conflict Resolution.

Whether internal or external, the pull between Venus and Mars is the "battle of the sexes" on the surface, but below that we're all playing our part in the dance between Assertion & Attraction. Of pushing and pulling. Of forcing and allowing. Of patience and action.

Conflict Resolution means two simple things: there WILL be conflict but there IS a chance for resolution - even if it's the agreement to disagree and the equal rights (Libra) for everyone to have their own viewpoint (Aries) or way of Being. Mars turns Direct May 19, so you may find the wrinkles iron out and decisions are easier after mid-month.

Lovers beware - it's easy to fight against each other instead of working together on attacking a common and shared goal. 

Conflict, Cooperation or Compromise?

In mutual reception, Venus feeds Mars and Mars feeds Venus each with just what they need. Venus could use a little Aries push now. It's a season of New Beginnings! Pushing through the Dirt! And Mars could use more manners, civility and politeness to get what it wants.

When Assertion meets Etiquette, there's the Magic Touch.
When Independence meets Interdependence, there's the Harmony.

Venus Kisses with a Mars Hickie,
Your Astrologer,

Astro Tip: You may want to check out the Relationship Reports (to check yourself out against your partner, pal, date, boss, parent or frenemy) for extra insight on what and who you're dancing with.

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