Friday, May 09, 2014

Sun in Taurus opposed by Saturn in Scorpio: Controlling your Desires?

Realize you're karmically trapped/stuck FOR A REASON.

Sometimes you have to see it through till "The End". Harnessing the Power to Create and Destroy  transforms our insecure ego into a higher state of security and 'worth' (in the eyes of the ego itself (Sun in Taurus) or keep us chained to the pain of the physical world and its karmic tests and challenges by refusing to go through the very challenges and blocks we NEED for our soul's upcoming Graduation Ceremony. It's hard. There are brick walls. There will be results, though. Every effort pays off. And Surrender also has a pay off.

Whether you turn green and shred your clothes in despair and deep dark desire, or somehow control and calm your inner Big Green Giant, is a choice you get to make, judgment-free...simply another personal answer/echo/manifestation to a Cosmic Question posed by the planets above...

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