Monday, June 01, 2015

Gospel Singing in the Rain (Sagittarius Full Moon with Jupiter and Neptune)

June 2 2015
trine Jupiter square Neptune 
(9.15.58 am LA, 00:15:58 NY, 18.15.58 UK)

The BS factor increases with help from Inflation-Jupiter to his own ruled (and now exaggeration-and accident-prone) Sagittarius Moon, while Neptune breaks the emotional dams built between us.

Some big stories with epic moments, 
rainbows found in the stormiest times,
 huge rescues, 
lost cash, 
big gamblers and spenders!
huge emotional blow ups and messes, 
major sinkings (or sinking feelings) 
miracles aplenty, to save the day!

Picture a choir of gospel singers singing their heart out in the rain, perhaps on the Titanic, perhaps by the scene of a fallen hero. The image is one of joyous beauty and sadness.

Now watch the song from Cirque de Soleil Allegria with subtitles ("the beautiful roaring scream of joy and sorrow, so extreme"). This is the astrological essence of the Now: the exquisite dance of Joy and Sorrow. It's only "negative" when you cannot accept the truth (Jupiter) of true (Sag) surrender Neptune): to the music, to the change, to the unknown, to your life...

Sagittarius is the Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel and Pisces is empathic experience and thus understanding of suffering and sadness found and felt along the way.

Together, we let the tears of Today 
float us to a brighter Tomorrow.

 I should know, my Pisces Sun/Mercury (4th) are eternally square my Sagittarius Moon (2nd). 

You have to adapt now.

 If you need help, I'm your guy.

Your Astrologer,

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Kelly Martin said...

I sure hope so Neil, I have cried an entire ocean this past few weeks and my moon is in Sag. I think a few ritual letting go meditations are in order today.