Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Synchronicities of Pisces/Neptune/Cycle 12

If you're also with me on Facebook ( direct link: ), you may remember my supermarket story from the other day? I rarely write down or track my synchronistic moments. Maybe I'll start!

Born with a highly charged Neptune (and transiting Neptune on my IC (Cycle 4 cusp), I've come to find it commonplace but something I joke about a lot - how everyone who ever spends enough time with me inevitably gets to bear witness to some strange, surreal, magical and perhaps mystical moments and "line-ups". It happens a lot with the Fish, or to those who know them well.

Like the many times I'll suddenly say the exact same thing as the person on TV, read friend's and strangers minds without trying, or the only woman in the giant library a couple weeks back, who passed me near the Travel section with her friend discussing... zodiac signs, of course.

There have definitely been enough "raised eyebrows' when "chance" goes through the window. It's fun when you have a witness!

I caught Family Guy, first time in a long time late the other night. And a character said "between garbage and good, there's Chipotle!" If you've been reading my posts - maybe you'll also find that synchronistically-amusing.

Oh and the randomly-assigned hotel room number I was given last night? "222"...

Any of YOU seeing more line-ups of late?

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