Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Sagittarius Full Moon Scopes (May 2)

Archery (sign of Sag, the Centaur/Archer) is tricky. I found I was good at darts when I was younger and I was too shy to chat to people at the local bar. My Moon is in Sag, so perhaps that's why? Naturally good aim.

That's key now: WHERE ARE YOU AIMING?  What are you aiming AT? What is your goal?
Without an answer, you're shooting from the hip (the part of the body also ruled by Sag).

HONESTY is key. Without it, you're screwed. Square Neptune, this Full Moon has its fair share of tall tales, courtesy in part by a nice easy aspect from Jupiter,

Remember this!

Since I missed the Weekly Scopes here is a (very brief) run down on the theme for the next two weeks for each sign:

ARIES: Beat the Truth drum but be careful of the germs of doubt or depression that dampen your light.

TAURUS: Admit your sexual needs. Be above board in all $ transactions but be careful of "friends" who threaten to drag you to their level.

GEMINI: Truly HEAR what others are saying about or to you. Avoid glossing over harsh truths and be wary of office politics and shady fiascoes.

CANCER: You now know what works and what doesn't. Simple. Not letting dark fantasies cloud your vision. Tricky.

LEO: Your happiness is in YOUR hands. But be wary of hormones that build everything up to come crashing down just for the sake of the High Drama you thrive on.

VIRGO: Build on truth, pull the rug out from lies. Be wary of victims trying to lure you in to pity parties to drain your precious reserves.

Say it like you mean it! Just be careful your health isn't affected when you feel guilt creeping in for your abrupt tone.

SCORPIO: Think positively about the whole money thing or you'll deplete your own good fortune. Watch out for any residue  victim-vibes secretly yanking the strings within your heart.

SAGITTARIUS: LIVE your truth, quietly, loudly. Be Yourself. Just offload that mouth of yours, preferably on paper? Be careful, old emotional material (and family/home patterns) could pull you under again.

CAPRICORN: As long as YOU live with virtue and honesty, to heck with everyone else. Be wary of thoughts that leads you down the dark labyrinth you've traversed many times before.

AQUARIUS: Celebrate the allies who cheer you on. Mutual Support systems in place! Careful, money management is shaky.

PISCES: You stand for Integrity and Principle. Just don't allow your weak moments to topple you.

(c)  Neil D Paris

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