Friday, March 03, 2017

Big Bold Bids for Freedom: Mars/Uranus in Aries opposing Jupiter

Be bold but be careful....

Mars meets Uranus in Aries, with an exact opposition to Jupiter. BANG! What was that? Crash!! The market or a car? POW! Remember Batman, with the speech in air bubbles. It's All Action Now. Actions are exaggerated, too. People want their freedom and will go all out to get it. DO NOT GET IN MY WAY. Sudden flare-ups of temper. Yikes! Electric fryouts, ZAP! energetic. Stay in Your Lane/ Sheesh!  HUGE efforts with Huge Sudden Gain, but equally as stupendous Fails now. How do you ever know? Wat are you willing to go ALL OUT FOR? And is it wise and worth it? If so, by all means...

Bangs, Bruises, Cuts, Crashes, Impulsive Reactions, Fast Failures....this could get ugly. But it could also become really cool when we watch the progress made through personal courage and independent moves.

Lot of people freeing themselves from bondage. Across the board. In small and large ways. Watch the news. Watch your friends lives and look at your own story. It's going to be amazing. But some people won't go easily.

Sudden new decisions Changes of direction. Reversals. Sudden Revelations. Immediate Insight. Shocking personal choices. Fighting for Further Freedom. This is a personal and global aim.

Anyone being abused or oppressed will find a dawning era of freedom, and enlightenment. Things can't stay this way forever. This is a guarantee. Nothing Stays the Same, and these times will underscore this, speedier than ever.

Mars and Uranus is a sudden fad, a flash in the pan. Therefore it may not always prove to be a profitable or sensible idea - in the long run. But we can't know that yet. But it can also be the Uniquely Perfect idea, the leap of insight you needed to take the Initial Step to something new and improved. With one changed action. Mars/Uranus can be just the nudge we need to finally free ourselves to be ourselves. No more rules, chains, restrictions, limitations. No more confinement. No more oppression, depression and suppression. Mars in Uranus could be the Perfect Moment for An Idea Whose Time Has Come. That's pretty huge, right there. A single decision you make now could be the best and ballsiest thing you could ever do. Another Hero moment, in the making.

n Aries, we get angry when our freedoms are stifled. We get pissy. We turn violent. Verbal/emotional/physical/mental/spiritual/sexual, the list goes on. So these are the symptoms of our feelings of being powerless. Avoid them where you can, both outside and within. Jupiter is in Libra so hopefully, we can all keep our heads, to be civil.

Opposed by Jupiter, things can get big fast. Great for truthful news, not for forest fires or familiar arguments.  You never know WHAT you are going to ultimately get, with Uranus. Know this. There are no guarantees. Only brilliant ideas. And major flops. All sudden moves are under Uranus' domain. Jupiter does bring the added good luck, (being in the right place at the right time) and in Libra, we may be luckier teamed up than going solo, but this is an opposition. Jupiter in Libra wants it done with etiquette. The right way. Is that the PC way? What is the right way anymore? Aries wants it done Now, Today. No more discussion. Aries wants it ITS way, Libra demands a compromise. But Uranus is in the picture.  Things are always askew.

The Wild Card then could be our saving grace now, or our Thorn In The Side. You never know.

Feelings suck sometimes. I know many people born with lots of a Water in their chart who get tired of the overwhelm, the extra sensitivity. Anyone you know with lots of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces in them? You know the type. I'm filled with water (and fire, thankfully) and I know the deep well of sensitivity and all that entails. The most profound psychic sensitivity. For better and often worse.

Right now, there's a huge amount of planet in Pisces, which always brings a lot of feelings to the surface. People are lost, vague, drifting and dreamy. Chasing fantasies. Lying. Losing themselves to addictive repetitive behaviors that bring no real gain. Feelings others pain.

Having emotions in a shut-down world can be devastating, and lonely. Cancerians are ever acute to emotional need and whether or not there's a lack of plenty of security and sustenance. Things that aren't given freely on this planet, at this time. Scorpios are ever acutely aware of possible danger and so are hyper aware of perceived threats, however slight. Pisces are tuned into the feelings of those around them, the sorrows of the world and Suffering in general.

The Moon/Neptune and Pluto would be the planetary signifiers to look for in the Charts for those who exhibit emotional tendencies and sensitivity if the signs themselves don't appear.

Until many years later, I finally realized I was an empath. A strong Neptune (massively debilitated some would say!) always tuned into undercurrents and slight shifts in the vibrations around. Aware of pain, able to feel what others felt and to feel their sorrow, their joy. To be able to understand. To know a lie, to hear the unspoken truth, to 'get it' without solid evidence or 'proof'.

Following our instincts now will be our ultimate salvation, if we can avoid the inner voices of fear.

The world is now divided, more strongly than ever, by those who are:

Emotionally available and reachable still (the Humans). Those who are hurting, but continue to reach for joy. Who want to see everyone happy because it just feels better. Those who retain their Human Empathy.

Emotionally shut down (the 'Robots': narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, etc)
Those who, for whatever reason, have succeeded in shutting down their feelings so that they can cause others harm (or themselves) and feel no remorse.

As we progress into 2017, we will see a further divide between the Emotionally Available (the humans) and the Emotionally shut down (the robots).  All we can do in our lives is continue to stand for Human Rights, Individual Freedom and thus Collective Freedoms and continue to find ways to free ourselves from any and all bondage, so that we can more fully BE ourselves...

Each time we do this, we take back the planet from the Robots and put it once more in the hands of The Humans Who Care...

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