Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting along with the USA...

How well do you and your country get along?

For those who live in the United States currently, as I am, and who are wondering how they fit into the bigger picture inside the four walls of this massive (yet surprisingly small) country, here's some fun to be had. In one of my many strange mental wanderings, I pulled up the chart of the USA (Solar Chart) and then laid mine alongside it.

My Mars in Aquarius sits atop the Moon of the States. In a country chart, the Moon signifies the People, the general ethos, the masses. And Mars is the warrior who riles everyone up.

In Aquarius it's all about liberation, freedom and bizarre energy - and as the one who passes along Astrological information to the general population here it seems fitting to find that in the comparison chart.

And in return the USA nurtures my need to act, to push ahead, to get this information out there. Though at times it's a stormy relationship (moon/mars isn't a soft combination) it's all about direct emotional confrontation, and this country has surely done that for me. And I comply gladly - after all, it's not everyone who wants to wake up, and its not often a Cancer who wants their cages rattled in the name of independence. Dependency, maybe..

In Aquarius though, it's all in the name of equality and freedom! And though this country was founded on these principles (born with an Aquarian Moon) it's hardly kept to them as it should have.

As Pluto (death and rebirth) moves into Capricorn in Feb 2008 (structure, government) to return in the USA chart to its birth position also in Capricorn, the country will undergo even greater changes - not least of all within the corridors of power - where power will become synonymous with darkness, for the ultimate purging of that which has been held in place for too long - "fear" and all its branches of control.

If you're interested in how you get along with the States as a whole, and know your chart take a look above and compare.

The States is Cancer (Apple pie, big appetites/portions/bellies, Mom, Home, Family, Tradition, Patriotism, the Past, Mother fixation - England of course being the "mother" country).

If you're a Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer you can find some solace here, preferably by the water somewhere or else buy a fish tank or go swimming often! The country moves you to feel great things or the depths of despair but at least you're alive (you do so love those big feelings).

Aries, Leo and Sag as fire signs could get rubbed the wrong way often as people are too moody for them or too stuck in their ways or whining a lot. Preferably live somewhere hot or desert like.

Aquarius, Gemini and Libra should find things going their way when the public is ready to move ahead and try new things but be irritated when we go through the usual repeating of the past and the mantra of patriotism. These signs want progress and real freedom, not feigned and fake. Best to live up high or somewhere where the wind blows strong. And finally, the earth signs

Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo should feel they can put roots down here or at least grow some of their long term plans, which is just what they're seeking. Of course there is such a thing as too much stability - and of course that appetite and waist line.

These are really basic to Sun signs, but it's a start. See what you come up with yourself. And by the way - the country was born with Mercury Retrograde - is that why we seem to keep repeating history here or at least talking over the same things on the news again and again and showing the same footage from God Knows When? And boy is it a nation of talkers - is anyone not on their cell phone while driving/shopping/pooping/eating?

And if you live outside the States, ever wondered how you and your country get along? Maybe it really is an Astrological thing....

Yours anything-but-patriotic because I have a Mars in Aquarius to get everyone off their bottoms here to uncover their TRUE freedom (know thyself!)
Neil (salutes)


Twilight said...

"Aquarius....irritated when we go through the usual repeating of the past and the mantra of patriotism."

Right on sir!!

I'm Aquarian Sun, Cancer ascendant, and I'm well and truly irritated at present. (Wake up America!!)

Interesting ideas - I'll look further into my chart with them. :-)

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks Twilight! Perfect words spoken from a true Aquarian - as you know you're playing a major part in the unfolding of the so=called New Age (of Aquarius) by your very desire not to move with the status quo. Keep on breaking paradigms! ;)