Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time for Change...but where?

So you're feeling it.

The Eclipse has passed and something inside is changing. You know you need to. You feel strongly about it. Or maybe it already has. Maybe you had to kiss goodbye to something or someone, or a way of life.

A chapter is closing whether we like it or not, whether we're ready or not - we ARE ready and this is what this lunar phase is all about.

Where will change find us?

Wherever we are still attached to things that blind us to the reality behind the lie, where fog has smogged-out our vision. Where we are clinging to old worn out ways of living that do nothing to nourish our spirit.

To find this area - look to your Astrological Birth Chart - wherever 4Pisces is located is where the Full Moon is unearthing something that is about to resolve, where an ending is in sight, where emotions run high and where the tide will turn, where it must change, where you have to melt back into the Universal Pool of Cosmic Connection, instead of running round like an isolated
individual believing your problems are solely yours and no one shares them. It's where you need more 'connectedness' to your soul, and no longer believe your life is a physical problem. in short - wherever a block is in this area, the water of emotion and spirit are about to dissolve the walls.

We're all going through this right now - the more "spiritual" we become the easier the path ahead will be. Nourishing our spirits means different things to different people - signing up for a yoga class, going swimming, taking more alone time, reading under a tree, watching movies and not working so hard, taking up dance or singing, watching the sunset, helping out at the local hospital, diving into Tarot cards or learning about chakras (energy centers in the body), using intuition more, offering help to those who seek it from us, being more compassionate.

Bills, jobs, money - these are all shadows of the opposite sign of Pisces (Virgo) and since the Full Moon Eclipse is a pull between the two signs and areas of life you'll have to find a way to balance the necessities of life (Virgo) with a belief and a way of living that encompasses more (Pisces) - that there's more to life than the problems we encounter, that may, just maybe the problems are actually spiritual food on our hike to a summit we cannot see, but distinctly remember before we incarnated on this crazy planet.

Take out your chart, find where 4 Degrees Pisces is located - and ring the changes there. Let go. Dissolve. Find a new way. End a chapter. Realize that this area of life needs a spiritual injection - give it more time, more compassion, more understanding, more fluidity. problems here now need spiritual insight (and less physical complaining). In short - find the cause not the symptoms of suffering therein. Here is the path to healing.,

If you're unsure where this is, I can help you out with a Reading or you can email me ( with any questions if you already have some idea where these Eclipse changes are hitting you. We're all in this together. And of course you can always take a look at the Karmic Insight and Past Life Reports that both outline what you're STILL working on in this lifetime as a carryover from your soul's past.

Eclipses are emotional times - when Change is here. We feel lost often, but energized to let go of something and move in a new direction. Whatever it is you want to change know now that you can - the Universe is offering a new way, but first you must take your hands off the steering wheel and trust in the flow of a new cosmic current.

Can you let go?

In the cosmic pool, we are all spiritual swimmers.

The one who struggles to swim in the oceans and rivers of the physical realm,
often drowns by kicking and screaming,
in fear and panic.
Yet the same soul, upon drowning, floats to the surface once more,
when all effort has been relinquished.

Flow, allow, dissolve.

Where will your cosmic trust take you next?

t's time to find a new emotional shore. Just keep swimming.

Your fish-flotation device,

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Anonymous said...

I read each of your articles and found something in each one.
The last time Saturn was in my sign I got married. So, we'll see what happens this time.
I'm bracing myself for the 9/11 eclipse.
I hope you're well. Love, Marti