Friday, August 03, 2007

Yee-Haa: Jupiter goes Direct (Aug 6)

Reading the last Blog entry you probably wonder if there's any hope of ever getting out of a certain situation, quandary or quagmire. Always, my friends!

Retro periods are 're-thinking, re-evaluating, re-feeling, and re-negotiating our plans and position and the people we're interacting with. Some good news for ya:

Jupiter ends his magnificent tour of Retrograde Land this coming week (Aug 6 to be exact) so in brief:

Aries folk can finally continue their travel plans, and do something with everything they've learned since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Clashes with other cultures can finally be over once you come to see that the tests were related to boundaries, and how much your 'knowing' nature has become arrogance. Keep an open mind and opportunities will flood in.

Taurus folk can finally figure out what their money is doing for them (and their partners). Joint accounts, financial entanglements, business deals with others, debt and other issues related to their financial security and personal power can be laid to rest once they realize that more is not necessarily a good thing. Clear the deck, and the slate, and turn over a new page. A transformation is possible now when you see the bigger picture and realize one problem you've been bombarded with since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) is depleting your power and simply demanding a resolution.

Gemini folk can finally feel free from relationship lessons they've been constantly undergoing since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Since some of you wriggled free of commitment you may find it's time now to set your sights higher with the knowledge you now have of what is needed to be above board and fair. Business and personal 'deals' (in love or work) can only happen when you maintain an open position and keep your defenses down. The grass may be greener but that's no reason to be green with envy if others seem to have the goods. You'll get your time.

Cancer folk can finally feel the freedom in their job situation they've been seeking since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). As many doors didn't open you may have thought would, it's easy to get jaded. But don't sell out or sell yourself short - freedom calls and a new opportunity to do more is offered soon enough. As far as your body goes, more isn't always good, unless it comes to exercise - but even then, don't overdo it. Get outside more, and your body will thank you.

Leo folk can finally feel the clamp around their heart released and not feel so overwhelmed by dramatic goings on since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) as their inner child feels buoyant and full of a hope and optimism you may have felt dampened of late. Romance blooms once more, and the risks you loved to take seem worth it again - nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life is a gamble and whether you win or lose, it's more about how many experiences you sampled and how much fun you had, not whether anyone loved what you did.

Virgo folk can finally decide on what to do with their home situation, whether they're staying or going or just trying to run away from what has become a stagnant situation that's been squeezing the fun out of your personal life since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Making space can be done in many ways now, whether it's emptying a room or closet of stuff you no longer need. Since your soul needs fresh air, you may need to take your home on the road, or at least open the windows and decide what will give you back your sense of the world being a much bigger place than just the same four walls and outlook.

Libra folk can finally make important decisions without feeling they'll make a blunder without the right information. Truth has been a complicated issue since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) because it all depends on your perspective. Tact may have gone out the window when you decided you'd say how you feel regardless of anyone else's feelings. But now, your mind comes unstuck in a good way and you can cast your mental nets even wider, using the mental Law of Attraction to attract to you things that your mind finds exciting instead of dwelling on past and present annoyances that have kept you chained to a depressing outlook. Oxygen = A clear head = Freedom.

Scorpio folk can finally use their new-found self-worth and self-value to full use since their financial and self-esteem trip through the netherlands since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) is finally over. Whether you still think you're being cheated out of what is rightfully yours or if you've stood firm on your bottom line, life now throws you many opportunities to put what you have to better use. Your resources are your gold mine, not the cash in the bank or your pocket (and you've come to learn what's necessary and what's luxury). Your confidence, optimism and intelligence are your magnets of abundance, all you need to is have the faith you can make it with only the shirt on your back, to bring to you situations and people that will allow you to do a whole lot more, and get a whole lot back.

Sagittarius folk can finally see why a trip backwards, slowing down and having to re-do a lot of things they thought they'd completed, was actually necessary. it's given you time to rediscover lost parts of yourself and also to keep in mind that although you have an open mind, it's become narrow of late and a little judgmental. You can't grow in all directions at once, so progress has been limited to stop you from spreading your energies too thin. Since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) you've learned the hard way that knowledge is nothing unless you put it to use, and that the only way to live is to live 100% as yourself, with 100% honesty to yourself. That is growth enough.

Capricorn folk can finally relieve tension in their souls by feeling the answer to some of the riddles that have plagued them since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) when irrational fears were blown out of proportion. Cleaning out unconscious remnants of old dreams, old beliefs and old knowledge was the only way to emptying yourself to be refilled with new and more wondrous visions that give you true freedom not the illusion of it. Psychic powers are back at full power now, but only because you've been forced to spent more time going inside asking yourself questions and seeking answers from your own spirit, rather than adventure out into the world for a book, conversation, or piece of insight or advice that comes from somewhere else other than your own heart and soul. Now, the opportunity to feel more connected to everything around you, is the gift of true faith in a benevolent force.

Aquarius folk can finally focus on their future goals, quests and visions and not feel as overwhelmed with the bigger picture of their plans since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Now, society isn't as much a roadblock to freedom and fun but a tool you can use to gain greater insight and also share what you know to add to the pool of knowledge already out there. Where friends were once a pain in the butt, they now are opportunities for you - as each person holds a key to a greater wealth than you'd have found should you have continued on your path alone. You don't have all the pieces of the jigsaw, and even if you are close to it, you'll need help in putting it together. Now, a bold step, confidence and a way ahead that's totally you (without any advice or pointing fingers from others around you) is the way to go - you were born to break protocol and now's your chance.

Pisces folk can finally feel as though they're on top of things and in control again, especially when it comes to their career objective, which may have seemed to have been held up or not as big as your instincts told you they could be since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Now, the horizon opens and you can cast yourself as far and wide as you want, it's all a matter of personal choice, since you're the only one in charge now. Self confidence helps when you realize that all roadblocks to your dream have been held in place because, quite simply, it wasn't your Dream but someone elses rules you were living by. You have your own truth now, and it's a chance to live it, and show the world how to walk your walk and talk your talk and show what you know, all the while staying open to taking new pathways to the summit. It's all in the Adventure and the playing of the Game.


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