Friday, August 24, 2007

Virgo Season (achoo!)

Is it just me or did everyone start getting sick when the Sun slipped into Virgo yesterday (Aug 23) - the sign relates to health and work. The two are connected of course - for stress creates illness and work is so often a cause of much of our stress - along with bill-playing, moving home, finding or maintaining relationships and the many other factors of daily human existence.

Now we get to question the foundation of our day-to-day lives - are you getting up too early or too late? Sleeping enough or too much? Eating well or could you do without dairy/sugar/alcohol etc? Do you need a note pinned to the fridge every day to remind you to stretch, blink, breathe?

It's worth checking out some yoga, pilates or meditation practices now - we're likely to need it when we suddenly find a strong wind to get back to work or get back to business. And cleaning? oh yes, Virgo's do love to clean as a form of stress-relief so this Virgo season is a great time to work out what to sweep, dust, polish, throw away, replace.

If it's broken, go ahead and potter around with it. if it's not, try improving it, or leave it well enough alone. Who needs perfection when as good as you can get it, is more than enough?

Work, health, stress, disease, cleaning, germs, organization, scheduling, coworkers and job 'stuff' - yup it's all here this next month.

Stress is a choice reaction to things going on around you.
The Astro Doctor says take a Chill Pill to avoid further body and mind erosion.

And breathe!


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