Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Visit me at Illume Gallery..

If you're in Los Angeles this week, you have to check out Illume Gallery. A peaceful magical oasis in the heart of a city that never stops. I'll be there.

Walls lined with hand-crafted exquisite salt lamps from the Himalayan mountains, Illume is such an amazing experience, and you'll want to take some of the energy home with you.

If you visit during this week and next you can meet me in person (I'll be helping at the Gallery Wednesday Nov 7 and Thursday Nov 8). I'll also be here next week too, I'll let you know after this weekend.

Even if we don't have a chance to meet in person (you can schedule a Reading when we meet or just pop in to say hi and breathe in some of the amazing energy here), then you owe it to yourself to visit anytime you can. You'll see why.

You can also take a piece of the energy here home with you if you live out of state (or country) at the Illume Gallery website.

Enjoy - and hope to see you there!


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