Saturday, November 24, 2007

Emotional Mind-Fields: Gemini Full Moon

No, you're not schizo. You're either talking a heck of a lot about what ails you, or keeping totally schtum. You COULD talk about it. Or then again you could just continue to bounce it around in your skull. It's your choice.

Gemini, as the sign of the twins highlights (under the Full Moon) areas of your life where you're in TWO MINDS about something, or someone.

Here's the full analysis of the Gemini Full Moon for the low-down on what's going on for the next month under this lunar phase.

I'll say in closing that this particular Full Moon is challenged by Saturn, so there's a somber feel to our thoughts. We're more likely crushed into conversation, squeezed to share our thoughts or generally a little on the depressed or downward spiral (old mental loops and draining repetitive thought patterns).

If you catch yourself being down AGAIN about something, great. Here's your chace to purge your life of an old mental daemon that robs you of cerebral clarity and mental bliss. Thoughts are things, so don't let yourself get bogged down with so much attention to the drudgery of life, let them fly by leaving just an ounce of space for the possibility that a new way will be found through the falling leaves of a dying season in your life.

Everything is cyclic, remember. And what you choose to think about is ultimately another aspect of free-will operating in your life. No one can make you think anything (unless you let them).

Where's your head?

Keep talking,

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