Sunday, November 25, 2007

Your Karma Class - 2007- 2009

Your Karma Class of 2007 - 2009

Saturn, planet of Work, Discipline and “career Karma” just moved into Virgo – the sign of getting it (and keeping it) together. That's right - you gotta tighten your belt and buckle up for the next two years in ONE area in particular....there's nowhere to hide, so you best read on...

Saturn the Sanitary strides into your House of Health, Hygiene & Work to whip you into shape or risk getting bent out of it. Yoga anyone? Natural Remedies? A better job? Revamp your schedule. Clean up your mess. Ditch bad habits. Failing this test prolongs your celestial colonic…


Saturn the Serious strides into your House of Love, Romance, Risks & Playtime. Schedule in some fun time and laugh for god’s sake. If it’s not fun why do it? Love is a bitch this year if you play coy, shy. Play well but don’t play games. Give, even if no one says thanks. Those who risk nothing lose everything. Who cares what the audience thinks – this is your spotlight!

Saturn the Stoic strides into your House of Home & Family. Oh boy – just exactly where is home? Here? There? You’ll have to move or rearrange furniture to give yourself the ideal nest. A new neediness overcomes you, as karma forces you to reveal your more tender side. Seek privacy but avoid walls. Are family roots in need of weeding? If in doubt, hug to disarm all scary looking situations.

Saturn the Strict strides into your House of Communication to test you on How you say it, What you say, and Who you say it to. Siblings could annoy the hell out you (along with neighbors) but it’s all a test of your mouth and mind. Stop depressing mental loops. Spit it out. If not, karma will send a cat to locate your tongue.

Saturn the Schoolmaster has left your sign. What have you learned? Don’t a thank you. Keep shining when the sun goes in. Hard work does pay off. Congrats! Your next challenge is to cash in on your newfound courage, dedication, & leadership skills. Clean up your checking account. Balance your books. Can royalty live light yet still luxuriously?

Saturn the Sedate strides into your sign giving you two years to get yourself together. Maybe you won’t come out a model of maturity, hard work, courage and pristine health - but maybe you will. Begin now. Destroy worry. Love your job or move on. Eat well. Help people. Stop complaining. You’re the zodiac’s Improver and you’re now assigned to…yourself.

Saturn the Sober strides into your House of the Unconscious, Past Lives, Karma & Escapism. Addictions no longer work. Your dreams scream. Your yesterday invades today and needs resolution. Forget? Sounds nice but first you must face your darkest hour. Can you let go? We’ll see. If it goes or is gone - don’t hold on! Seek soul space and nurture your secret self.

Saturn the Sincere strides into your House of your Future, Friendships, Goals and Groups to clean up your social shenanigans. Tell Dirty friends to clean up their act before dirtying your doorstep. Set your social sights higher by being a rebel with a cause to aid those who’ll help (not hinder) your future freedom.

Saturn the Steady strides into your House of Career, Achievement, Status and Authority. Yes you’ll need to prove yourself but not become a control freak. Yes, you can take the wheel but no, you can’t run red lights. You’re in the hot seat – but you want to drive, so stop kicking back, hiding in the back or looking back.


Saturn the Staid strides into your House of Travel, Adventure, Expansion & Knowledge. How much do you know? Suffering from culture-clash? Maybe it’s time for a trip to new lands, for new information or people. Open your mind. Close your mouth. To pop prejudice, Karma bumps you into a bubble of foreign origin.

Saturn the Somber strides into your House of Death, Rebirth, Power & Transformation. For starters, sex is serious (you want more or less). You have to learn to trust (through deceit?). You must cut your cards or your phone line to escape creditor calls. Deep down it’s about death. Die. Be reborn. Crash and Burn. Get back up. Repeat.

Saturn the Stern strides into your House of Partnership, Fair-Play, Cooperation and Compromise. A major make-or-break could lie ahead if you clean up your contracts - 50-50 still means you’re only giving (and getting) half. Give tops or you’ll bottom out. In or out?

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