Thursday, May 29, 2008

Abscess makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

Hey Gang - I'm back!

Where have I been, you ask.

What a couple of weeks, what a month, what a year..!
I had an abscess that I thought I couldn't clear with natural means, rest, ice packs, heat packs, baths, you name it. I'm a holistic natural guy as many of you know (Chiron conjunct south node in 6th). But as it grew larger and became unbearably painful, I ended up in the Emergency Room here in Los Angeles for what would be a 7 hour visit. Finally I was able to have it drained, and packed. I was put to sleep which scared the heck out of me since I've always felt a little loosely connected to this realm anyway (Pisces Sun square Neptune).

It all went very well, but the antibiotics they gave me (I've never taken any before) caused a strong reaction and I was covered in hives and a rash that looked like major sunburn over my body which set me back.

The gauze was repacked twice and is now healing well, and after I stopped the medication I am clearing up. Back to Live natural yogurt - which I am told helps build back natural bacteria in your body that antibiotics wipe out - and continuing a healthy vegetarian diet again. And LOTS of water - which was something I had been meaning to get back onto again for a while.

With my North Node in the 12th House of my own Chart (using the KOCH house system) it was a period of enforced rest (albeit a lot of it spent in terrible pain), a major time out from work (which I spend so much of time focused on because I love it so much) and many other lessons.

I learned that sometimes, you need a more direct and drastic approach to help the body's healing along. And as an independent soul that is difficult, but again with a Libra North Node, I learned to let others help and I have been to such a degree I cannot give enough thanks.

The sun is more beautiful, food is beautiful, life is wonderful. And I am thankful for the small things. Walking around feeling infallible is nice, but it's even greater to be humbled by the body, reminding us we don't have everything figured out and that we may not be as appreciative of simple pleasures as we may think.

SO that's where I've been - moved from my south node to invest time in being AWAY from everything to experience more of my North Node. A timely lesson of balance (Libra) for me and something to pass on to you too.,

Sometimes things come out of the blue and there is no quick explanation, or anything we're doing WRONG to count for it. But often the problems we experience give us a chance to alter something as simple as a viewpoint, and that is their gift.

Talk about living in the moment...!

And it's MERCURY RETROGRADE right now and you're probably wondering where I am with your news, so stick around and if you need something you can email me here or at while my website address is reconnected due to my absence.

I'm a one man band most of the time, and for your patience I thank you. Scorpio Risers don't stay down for long, do expect me back to "normal" soon. Uranus is currently EXACTLY on top of my Sun, which came about the night of the surgery, triggering surprise and sudden shifts and changes, and a home move will come about within a month it seems also - in my 4th house of Home, where else would you expect the change.

Astrology continues to make me smile, even through tears of pain. Its nice to be out of the dark tunnel but I give thanks for every experience, every new feeling and every new soul encountered along this particular path.

There's NOTHING WRONG in your life right now, only the perception things aren't going YOUR way. That's a realization I wanted to pass along too. There's no such thing as something being 'wrong' in life, only a chance to change or transform an experience. The beauty of life, as Astrology reveals, is that everything changes, nothing stays the same, the cycles roll on. Utter darkness, will always be followed by the break of dawn.

I'll help you - as always - to do what you can to make it through the night periods, and I'll help you celebrate during those exciting morning hours.

It's so good to be back...

LOve to you all,

P.S Mercury Retro tip #1 - calm down, relax, don't push, let things catch up, keep copies and slow slow down. :)

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