Sunday, May 04, 2008

Slow, Steady, Sensual, Sexy: Taurus New Moon (May 5)

We reach the New Moon once more - this one landing in the sign of the Bull. If you've been keeping track of the blog, you'll know what Taurus represents - its the physical sign of the zodiac, earthy reality, the senses and all things relating to matter you can touch, mold, sculpt - from gardens, to haircuts, to massaging muscles to cooking to counting money.

Since the New Moon is an open door, we're invited for the next two weeks to ENJOY EDEN - whatever that is for you - a comfy fire, nice food, an expensive restaurant, a new pair of shoes, a walk in the park, a visit back to the ocean you haven't seen for years, a hug (are you being touched enough - if you can't get, Give!) satisfying sex, and so forth.

Where is your Eden?

We're not talking religion, we're talking being comfy in your own skin, where all true peace begins.

A few things to watch out for this particular New Moon:

The New Moon squares Neptune, Chiron & the North Node
We may not be too clear on where we stand financially - technology purchases could be mere fluff/glamor/illusion. Is it a good deal? Is the most expensive the best or will you be cheated out of a bargain you could have found elsewhere?

Losing money could manifest as misplacing a wallet, or having something stolen - all from absentmindedness. Check with your friends to see if you left it with them. Are your friends as trustworthy as you think? Or perhaps things go astray while in public (Neptune in Aquarius relates to loss or theft or confusion with friends/social settings/group events and endeavors).

Also, we NEED to stay grounded when it comes to physical and financial affairs. Don't get so carried away you lose common sense. Stick with the tried and true and eternal, as the temporary pursuit of pleasure is just that - temporary and transitory.

Since the New Moon also squares CHIRON, the asteroid of Healing, new information and new ways of doing things are at hand, but we may be so busy caught up in the physical PROBLEMS of our current life situation, we fail to see that if we just stand back and detach (Aquarius) we'll get an overview that shows it's really not that bad.

We need to repair damage, and old wounds resurface helping us regain our sense of self, our self-esteem. You're worth it right? Right? If you're having a hard time answering that, this lunar phase will butt heads with you until you demand the best and be the best. That's when you'll attract the best.

Stubbornly staying put or staying the same attracts trouble this lunar phase. You're meant to go slow and enjoy what you have and where you are and protect and savor that...BUT...(isn't there always a But?! HAVE to continue shaking free of any perceived shackles. Continue moving while enjoying the simple pleasures, but do keep moving.

Keep it fresh while enjoying tradition.

On the flip side: The New Moon trines Jupiter in Capricorn.

Finances improve by continuing to focus on what you enjoy doing with your life. Career benefits, promotions and new possibilities open up, allowing you to CASH IN ON YOUR NATURAL TALENTS.

Right now - you posses some specific traits that, if applied, could turn your financial life around. Remember that. You don't need to learn something, just apply what you're already good at. So KEEP SHARING YOUR TALENT. Anywhere, everywhere. Get under the noses of the big guns and show off.

What do you value?

Whatever you focus on, grows. This New Moon invest in things that make you feel comfy and cared for. Seeds grow in the strangest of places - plant some new ones this Monday and for the next two weeks, keep it simple, keep it real and give your time and energy to only things you think are worthwhile. Leave the rest and move on...

And as we've said before - give thanks, be thankful and show thanks for what you have. The good times have only just begun. Keep your eye on the prize, YOUR prize, and keep a smile on your face knowing it's all unfolding as it should.

Eat, drink, laugh, dance, sing - and be merry. The Universe loves a party, so host one in your heart today...and more generous guests will be sent your way.


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As usual Neil you hit the spot exactly ! Keep up the phenomenal work x