Friday, May 30, 2008

Mercury Retrograde - special Readings!

Mercury Retrograde is perhaps one of the most widely known Astrological Cycles, even amongst those with no further knowledge of Astrology. Each period is unique but all share something in common. It's a time of repeating, reviewing and re-negotiating the past, which always, without fail, returns to us in some form or another.

This happens three times a year and around each of these key points, I offer a Special Reading which will cover this unique period from Your Perspective - Your chart, Your life, Your options and how You can enhance your life with a look at all of these features

I'll be back soon with more on what this period means for us all in a general sense, but for a personal look at your Chart, and any personal questions regarding this period, then sign up now at the link above!

Your Astrologer,

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