Monday, May 05, 2008

TV Watching by Signs...

COLOGNE, Germany -- It is not exactly the Nielsen Ratings: German broadcasters are looking to the stars for clues to their audiences' viewing habits.

This week SevenOne Media, the marketing and ad sales arm of broadcasting giant ProSiebenSat.1, published its first Astrology Ratings. They matched up traditional audience data -- who watches what and when -- with viewers' star signs.

Read more of their findings here and check out your own Sign.

(Not sure I think this has any amazing relevance, but it's fun to see people investing in a little further Astro-research!)


samantha parkinson said...

Hi Neil,

first of all great site, I love the way you write and explain about astrology, its the msot informative and easy and enjoyable to read.

my question is about your name, as i noticed you often talk about Numerology, im thinking of changing my name as im getting married but we thinking of starting a new lineage, as neither of us are attached to our family names, i had heard of numerolgoy of the name, and didnt want to go changing it to something that adds up to my detriment, do you have any advice or tips? is the name you use with the initial purposly done? thanks for and a great site


Neil D Paris said...

Thanks for the message! I did actually use just the D of David in my middle name using Linda Goodman's methods quite a while ago now. The total came to 33 which was a higher vibration number than just my first and last name, so it stuck and I kept it (plus its shorter!).

Linda mentions her methods in 'Star Signs' (you can find the book if you go to my main site and click under Linda Goodman -

There are many methods but I liked hers, so see what feels right and then you can try some of the other methods out there, there are so many books, I always always think its best to see what feels right INSIDE as that is the marker of personal truth. And then stick with what works for you.

Have fun playing with your name and check back and let me know what you decided on!