Friday, December 26, 2008

Night Fight or Fighting the Night: Mars meets Pluto (Dec 27)

It's violent, it's ruthless, its INTENSE - and you can't escape it. This week you either get to experience it or witness it. Military Mars meets All Or Nothing Pluto creating the scenario for ultimate Change, whether we like it or not.

From divorces to death, from firings at work to firings in the streets, to cutting out the rotten parts of your life to entering therapy to try and transform them that way.

We ask ourselves Do I try and maintain things, resist temptation, stay out of trouble and work on my personal "stuff", or do I seek an external situation or scenario which will help me to either implode or explode, thus creating the necessary (and sweeping) change.

What may happen now? Well you could end up in a violent setting. You could unleash. Or be unleashed on. Either way you're no victim, this has been building a while. Wake up.

You could take it instead into building instead of pure destruction. Use your energy now don't let it use you. You may find yourself faced with some truly ugly situations and have to relinquish control and walk. You may find something ends or dies and you lose control anyway. You may find others trying to control you or abuse you, in which case you draw a line. And yet you may find that by facing the Darkness you transform yourself and step into the Light.

Sexual energy is high - we either feast or go celibate. We find problems playing out in how and who we seek sexual expression with. And if you're single, maybe it's how you process your dark side. We push to the death when it comes to what we want. We say YES YES YES or NO, NEVER. Intense, seething, powerful and probing. Great to take to the bedroom, not so great outside,unless you're a cutthroat business dealer or a criminal (plenty of those around to help aid us in furthering our own growth, so be aware!).

Spiritually, it's time to take out further trash (yes, again). It's time to face the stuff we swept under the carpet (symbolically) or stuffed in the closet (symbolically AND literally). What's in your psychic storage? What deep seated fear or issue is festering still? It's time to let it out. Forget fighting, it no longer works. It's time to let it go, stop feeding the fire and time to focus on HOW TO TRANSFORM ANY DARK SITUATION YOU FIND YOURSELF IN.

How do we do that? Perhaps by leaving. Perhaps by giving it one last shot. Perhaps by finding the ROOT CAUSE. Perhaps by taking a radically different approach. Perhaps by bowing and bending, perhaps by accepting forgiveness or failure.

We each play a role now in our collective transforming. But as humans we don't often like change. We try and hold on, attracting situations that FORCE us to change. And it hurts. This is one of those weeks when change finds us. When the things we have avoided are suddenly knocking at the door. We face the shadow - either in someone else and what they "do to us" or in the form of our own Shadows - fear, anger, jealousy, hurt, resentment, pain.

What is your fuel? What powers your battery? The Dark Stuff, or the struggle to take the dark stuff to a higher level, transmuting pain into understanding. To Breakdown to break through?

it's not an easy week. but it's worth the crap we go through to free ourselves from our own games, manipulations and belief that we have no power. We do. The Power to Respond in a way that is no longer "reaction". To Change Our Script.

Check your fuel tank, if you're low, perhaps it's time to refuel at a new station...

Be Intense, but Do Something Useful with it.

Your Pluto Power Pumper and Primer,

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