Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Solstice of Death: Sun enters Capricorn (Dec 21)

Keep an eye out on events tomorrow that hint at what you're trying to destroy, what you're trying to rebirth and transform in your life, what Must Change in your life story and how this may all play out for you - offering options, choices, and hints at avenues you'd rather not take, to give you a choice to change before you're forced to.

Just as Scrooge faced the death of everything he had built (that which was built on "bad vibes"" shall we say) and forced to change his ways), this Solstice has a very similar message for those who don't heed its tidings.

During this winter solstice, the sun teams up with Pluto at 0 degrees Capricorn. Some part of our life story is in for a crash and burn and rise again scenario (if you haven't noticed it happening already that is). If you're already lightening your load, simplifying your life and bringing LOVE to all you do, encounter, witness and want, you'll be fine. It's the ones who are controlling, domineering, manipulating and causing pain intentionally that will suffer the most, I have no doubt (don't they always anyway?)

So keep your senses ON, during Dec 21 as the world witnesses a continuing collapse and destruction of what no longer works, and new systems implemented that take into account all the smaller cogs in the machinery. However, are the new systems a new form of control? Are you kidding yourself or are you truly committed to freedom within yourself from old haunting obsessions and pains?

Whatever in your life isn't taking into account the WHOLE, will continue to glitch. Stay alert and make the necessary changes and be ready to LET GO where need be. We're all in this together, and this Winter, we get to shed our own baggage as the trees shed leaves.

Shake off the old, it's already gone but you're hanging tight to yesterday.

P.S winter continues the theme of big business running into big trouble, and the fall of empires built on the illusion of separation. We're in this together and we're about to truly see this. Keep your spirits up and witness the demise of further institutions in society that aren't helping us out! Yay! Bring on the new!

Spiraling onwards and upwards,

Your Plutonian Promoter,
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Anonymous said...

Very impressive analysis. Yes, a very Plutonic Solstice.

Tej said...

Liked it. Good interpretation.