Monday, December 29, 2008

Your final reality-check of 2008: Saturn turns Retrograde (Dec 31)

How much fine-tuning have you been doing? Jeez. If it wasn't your health acting up, it was your job situation, (loss, change, instability, annoyances), and if it wasn't your relationships (nitpicking problems that wouldn't go away and details you had to iron out over and over) it was personal stuff you've been trying to perfect and polish. In short, it's been tight, and you've been through the juicer.

Life is about editing, and maintenance for us all right now with Karmic Saturn in Clean-It-Up Virgo. You simply can't escape the Glaring Problems in your life. However Saturn now slips backwards for ONE FINAL GO AT AN AREA YOU'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET RIGHT FOR SOME TIME NOW.

Your new Deadline (yep, it's not over) is JUNE 2009. By then you'll have been given ample time to get it in working order, better shape, smoother and more efficient, and more helpful to you and your life (and other people!).

So, that's great news right? The bad news is some troubles may flare up again to help you get on the right page. So if they do, you know where to come. Right back here to see what's going on, or check in with me personally. But you have your warning right now on the last day of 08!

It's all for a great reason. By June 2009, you WILL be in a place to move ahead, and by August 2009, you'll be finally FREE of these lessons. For at least another 29 years, which can't be bad. By then you'll have more wisdom and maturity and experience under your belt. But...will your life be in a better place by then? That takes effort now before at least one ship passes you by. Life is about Choice.

Not bad, eh?

Can you withstand the stress now, for a long-term solution? If so, DO it. Do the work. Take the pressure. Commit. Withstand the stress. Don't quit. Sharpen your skills and resolve. Improve the situation, however slight.

If you've been lazy and skimping, life is sure to have kicked you in the butt recently. You weren't developing yourself and life to your full potential. Your harvest failed. Your success, not forthcoming.

Now's your chance to get back in the game!

That's it, we're not talking major change with this, just a slow, steady and sure step-by-step plan of action to improve that problem area of your life.

Breathe! it's all unfolding to a Higher Plan. After this, you'll see your own mastery in the face of a problem that seemed insurmountable. Now is your chance to GO BACK OVER IT to see if you missed a SIMPLER SOLUTION.

There is a better way. It's just a case now, of trying it.

To your new life, and the current irritations that'll get you to it.

Your Siding-with-Saturn Showcaser,

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