Sunday, June 20, 2010

How do YOU feel? Sun enters Cancer (June 21)

This year, the Sun, our celestial spotlight, leaves behind the air sign of Gemini and enters the water realm of Cancer, the Crab on June 21 @ 4.28am Pacific (7:28am Eastern, 12.28pm GMT).

Our focus shifts from what we're thinking to how we are Feeling so start there - how comfortable are you feeling? What do you NEED. (Cancer relates to childhood needs carried into our adult world). What can you do to be more at ease in your body? (Cancer relates to comfort zones). Are you stuck in a rut (Cancer relates to comfort zones we've become trapped in)? Can we try new things to see how that affects our emotional state?

Two key areas to look at now are:

Our home - a good clear out is good for the soul now, "making home", fluffing up the pillows, buying a new bedspread (or something else no matter how small, for our nests. Do what you can to Enjoy Your Home Space.
Our Family/Close Emotional Connections - have you checked in with someone you care about? How about giving someone a hug?

Feeding yourself and nurturing others - try cooking at home, making sure you eat properly. if you're feeling 'off', you may find that the simple act of eating, grounds you. A glass of water helps alleviate erratic spiraling mood-swings. Go out to eat - invite a friend or someone close to you, to 'break bread'.

At this time of year, we all get to see whether we are Self-Parenting well, or seeking external validation or others to come and look after us, in areas we're not doing such a good job for ourselves.

So, GET COMFY! Notice what happens when you get Back to Basics. Look after yourself, have some down-time, and you'll see a marked improvement in your affairs.

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If you need any help navigating the emotional material surfacing now, let's take a look together at what your Chart says abut:

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