Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My New Home!

Well, we're all facing new chapters or the possibility of one, this Summer.

Where is yours?

Mine was a relocation to the beautiful town of Boulder Creek, Northern California. The Astrology of this time? Too much to mention, but for those budding Astrologers amongst you:

Jupiter conjunct my Sun in the 4th House of Home - expansion within the home, travel in connection to home, new comfort zones
Progressed Mars conjunct Mercury in 4th - Activating activity and movement in relation to domestic matters- researching new nests.
Progressed Moon conjunct Moon/Sun in 4th - An evolving need (PR Moon) to find a new dwelling (in 4th) to soothe the soul (Pisces).
Uranus/Jupiter transiting Sun in 4th - Growth (Jup) and freedom (Ura) when it comes to home matters. I felt I'd outgrown my last location.
Saturn in 10th opposing Sun/Mercury in 4th - Upgrading (Sat/10) which came with challenges from a difficult landlord (Sat/10) who blocked one location due to a lack of repairs and follow through, which led to a period of insecurity which ended in a new home and inner strength (Sun/Mer 4). Saturn oppositions are...from a physical standpoint, a bitch (to coin a professional term).
Solar Return Sun in 8th - signifying Major Life Change, possible relocation.
Solar Return Scorpio on 4th House Cusp - 'death' of one home.
Natal Ascendant conjunct Solar Return 4th House Cusp - a new (Ascendant) home (4th), investing in a home (4th) which truly reflects the self (Asc).

For domestic/home matters we look to the 4th House, any planets therein, the ruler of this House and also the Moon, which naturally rules all home and property matters. In my Chart:

Saturn square Moon - challenges to comfort, setting up shop, real estate difficulties etc. I thought I'd gotten away without experiencing this one, but the issues with the landlord, and the problems with securing the first location, revealed itself to be THE challenge that led to a new inner security (you find your emotional resources during Saturn/Moon times when you have to deal with Reality and Figure Things Out as practically as possible). Imagine driving across country, anticipating life in your new beautiful home you've been so excited about (although you were rushed to arrive early to start the lease, no matter), expecting your new home to be ready, getting there and being faced with an ant invasion, the place filthy (including a toilet that had never seen a brush), things in disrepair that were meant to be fixed, black widow spiders sitting waiting to eat you and a landlord who lied-lied-lied and then the next morning (after a night spent in a hotel because the house wasn't fit for move-in), throws your deposit and rent back at you saying 'This Won't Work', while a rental truck with all your belongings sits in the driveway....yep that was what I faced on this trip.

Jupiter Square Moon
- challenges to expanding into a new comfort zone, whilst maintaining the best of the past and inner needs (you can't let go of everything that brings you comfort, without losing your sanity. Jupiter inspired me to pick up and travel, to find a bigger, better and more expensive location, with a view to 'upgrading'. I'm glad things worked out the way they did.

My current home is better than the original one I worked so hard to secure (Jupiter always holds a blessing). My partner and I went through hell when we arrived here, had to stay in hotels with a Budget Rental Truck full of our belongings, whilst we searched for a new home - all because of a mean, deceitful landlord who promised one thing and delivered quite another. We prevailed, and life couldn't be better.

During Serious Saturn Times, hang in there. The hard work always pays off.
I'm taking new Readings now, so get in early for this next round, this Summer will prove to be a huge one - change is knocking at your door. How will you respond?

Your Astrological Adventurer,

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