Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sudden Bursts: Jupiter/Uranus in Aries

Jupiter: expansion, growth, education, knowledge, legal matters, philosophy - it makes things bigger! Jupiter teaches us by shoveling more of something our way so we UNDERSTAND what it means. When things are good, Jupiter makes them seem better. When times are tough, Jupiter makes them seem harder. See it as the ENLARGER of life experience.

Uranus: social shifts, sudden surprises, inventions, electricity, freedom - it causes disruptions with a view to breaking us out of a rut! Anywhere we need a jolt to awaken us, is where Uranus is alike and kicking, and will move us along, possibly kicking too.

Aries: new beginnings, confrontation, war, assertiveness, pioneering, military, newness. The first sign of the zodiac relates to the Initial Thrust of anything, the spark, the push ahead, the surge of sap rising during the Spring.

So...when Jupiter and Uranus both meet at 00Aries (the very first degree of the entire zodiac, also known as the Aries Point) what can we expect? Events that are BIG, SUDDEN, FAST and NEW! To teach us to free ourselves by making areas we're trapped or stuck, a bigger deal. 00Aries is the most public part of the cycle, so we're likely to see these two planets merging in headline news. Stay tuned for those. Here are some possible predictions from this end:


Look to early Cardinal Degrees (00Aries. 00 Libra, 00 Cancer, 00 Capricorn) in your Chart to determine which aspect of your life (any personal planets you find there) will be triggered into this need for 'sudden new energy'. Expect the unexpected in these areas but one thing is certain - you'll be urged to do it Your Way. No Ifs Ands or Buts.
For all of us, we get to ask ourselves:

Where can we inject a new thrust of energy into our life - is it time for a New Beginning?
Why wait? What rut are we stuck in and are we open to a ruthless revolution? Are you ready for a new horizon once more?

Collectively: (the issues manifesting here depend on us as individuals handling this volatile energy but we may see:)

Big electrical issues (new technology, breakthroughs in this field, huge outages)
Sudden eruptions of anger and fighting
New Laws in the Military
New inventions unveiled
Radical shifts in the teaching professions
New studies in Anger/Aggression/Anger Management
Stories of sudden gunfire and explosions
A new burst of Entrepreneurial Business Ventures
Cultural Clashes or Connections - borders go up, borders come down
Jupiter and Uranian figures coming to the public spotlight - stories of Gurus, Teachers, Sages, Secret Santas, Gluttons and Preachers (Jupiter) and Troublemakers, Mad Inventors, Rebels and Radicals (Uranus).

This is Phase 1 of a much bigger alignment...stay tuned for that!

Prepare for a New Way of Life, right here, right now, today.
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Anonymous said...

Does the breach of 114,000 iPad users' private data count as a big electrical issues, a sudden eruption, or a new invention issue? Yikes!

Neil D Paris said...

00Aries relates to THE PUBLIC AT LARGE - so Uranus (technology) and Jupiter (dissemination of data) fits into this planetary alignment perfectly. Thanks for bringing that to our awareness!

OlaA said...

The explosion that caused the oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico seems to fit in with this transit- especially if you add the square to Pluto in Capricorn implicating big business! Would it also indicate new insights into men's studies/issues?